WFILTU Chapter 272 – Future V

Xue Jiao pasted the sky map sent by Cheng Mingze next to the small blackboard, which said——295 days from the college entrance examination.

This small blackboard and the starry sky were things Xue Jiao could see every day when she opened her eyes.

Perhaps the heart was sharp, but in her immersion in the stars and dreams, Teacher Zheng brought them to see the starry sky.

It was the last day of supplementary classes. After dinner, Teacher Zheng smiled and said, “You don’t need to come tomorrow. This is the last night we will spend together this holiday.”


“I will not carry students anymore. You are my last disciples. I am old and I don’t know when I will be gone……”

“Teacher, don’t speak randomly!” Xue Jiao’s face whitened.

Yi Tianyu almost jumped up, “Peipeipei, these words has not been spoken, had not been spoken!”

He seldom liked a teacher so much. It’s just that this old lady really didn’t know how to speak happily!

“It’s not nonsense. I am old and already indifferent to life and death. Before you leave, I want to give you the last lesson.” She stood up. Chu Sheng and Yi Tianyu, who both had a lot of strength, immediately went to support her.

“Let’s go to the top of the building.” The old lady laughed.

Hence, the three people followed Teacher Zheng to the top of the building.

The roof was open air, half glass top, and half empty.

They sat down in the chairs. Grandpa Wu came up with tea, and the three stood up.

“Thank you Grandpa Wu.”

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“It’s nothing.” Grandpa Wu smiled and sat down beside them.

The sky tonight was very beautiful. The sky was full of stars. It was a rare good day.

Teacher Zheng looked up at the stars and squinted.

“My students used to come to see me. They felt very angry, they felt that I lived too far. They all lived in the suburbs, and wanted to change my house for me.”

“I didn’t want to. They didn’t know how hard I searched to find it here, because it’s only here……where you can see stars when you look up.” Teacher Zheng’s voice was full of wistfulness.

The three listened quietly, and even Yi Tianyu, who was constantly in motion, didn’t speak.

“I miss the stars I could see just by looking up when I was a child, and I miss mountains and the rivers, and I miss the people even more……”

The stars in the sky were bright, and Xue Jiao thought of the star map in a flash.

She wondered if that predecessor was like Teacher Zheng, looking up at the sky from time to time?

“When I was young, my classmates all had red hot burning blood to give back to the country. At that time, there was none in our classes who didn’t take studying seriously. They were like a sponge and they were crazy about learning knowledge.”

Her voice began to become lighter and lighter: “They all don’t understand why I have to walk for two days, destroying my body just to pick up several students, and they all asked me if it’s worth it.”

“What is worth it or not, I just can’t forget their eyes. Studying, that is the only way to change them. It’s the only way they can grow up to not become like their parents, and I must take them out. “

Teacher Zheng looked down and looked at the people, “Do you know what happened to the children?”

Xue Jiao and them shook their heads. They all know her story, but they don’t know what happened to the children later.

“One of them still went back at last. He was afraid. The outside world was too big for him, so he still went back. I didn’t go look for him again, I knew I couldn’t find him back. Another was very clever, but he urgently went to look for work right after graduating from junior high school, and there was no news later on. There was also a child who, if he goes home, will depend on the ground to slowly create a bit of output, so he worked really hard, and was the only one to go to college. At that time, the university was still very valuable, and later on, he became successful……”

“And then?” Yi Tianyu continued to ask. Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng were also curious.

“He didn’t want his past to be known, changed his name, and then gave me some money and hoped that I would not talk about his history.”

Yi Tianyu was furious: “How could there be such a person!”

Without Teacher Zheng, he would not have been able to come out of that mountain from back then!

Teacher Zheng shook her head, and didn’t care.

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