WFILTU Chapter 270 – Future III

Time went through quickly in a compact review.

Seven days before Xue Jiao’s school started, Cheng Mingze came back.

He was like a traveler, carrying a full bag, and then on such a common night, fatigued with the journey.

Li Sitong was shocked and immediately went up: “Mingze, you are back! It’s already so late, how come you didn’t say anything in advance! “

She seemed to cry, and her face was filled with worries and surprise.

Gu Xuejiao used to like Cheng Mingze, but every time she saw Li Sitong’s concern for Cheng Mingze, it was still very difficult.

At that time, she felt that her mother did not adore her, and did not belong to her, so she hated and suffered.

There was no other emotion in Xue Jiao. She once accepted Li Sitong seriously, but she had less expectations after being hurt.

She cared about Cheng Mingze, and Xue Jiao also wouldn’t give rise to other ideas.

After all, Li Sitong was also Cheng Mingze’s mother now. Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze care about her too. So Xue Jiao looks at Li Sitong’s care for Cheng Mingze, and doesn’t think it is bad.

Cheng Mingze hugged Li Sitong, turned around and hugged Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao was stiff.

Cheng Mingze released the hug very soon, and stepped forward to hug Cheng Shuo.

He released and smiled, “Giving you all a surprise! How’s it? “

“You stinky boy!” Cheng Shuo laughed and scolded, and the joy on his face was true.

Cheng Mingze and the him from two months ago have made great changes. His looks were still the same, but there were more smiles on his face.

His eyes were full of vigor and longing.

Xue Jiao also laughed.

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“I came back to stay for a few days before leaving. The thing that I had created with the people from Silicon Valley is completed. I had learned some things, felt I had a great harvest and also had some new ideas. I am going to Tsinghua in advance to report. Professor Tang and I have already agreed, and I will go to him in a few days to talk about it. ” Cheng Mingze swallowed a few mouthfuls of water and laughed.

“Is it Professor Tang from Tsinghua’s computer science department?” Cheng Shuo was surprised. Ever since Cheng Mingze decided to study at Tsinghua, he had studied Tsinghua in depth. He had known that Professor Tang was a big guy in their department at Tsinghua.

“En en, it’s him.” Cheng Mingze had a light in his eyes.

Xue Jiao laughed even more happily, different from the original who was forced to do many unhappy things. Cheng Mingze now has a dream, he has a most sincere youthful dream, and dared to chase after it.

Xue Jiao thought that Cheng Mingze’s life may not be worse than that of his original achievement.

In the original text, he was the leader of the W City industry, but it was only their city.

In this life, it is not impossible for Cheng Mingze to leave a mark in history.

“You just came back, and said you need to leave again. Fortunately there is Jiao Jiao.…..” Cheng Shuo bit his mouth.

Cheng Mingze grinned and exposed several big white teeth——

“But Jiao Jiao will run to me next year!”

Cheng Shuo: “……”

This time, let’s not speak about Cheng Shuo, but even Li Sitong had a choked heart.

“Dad, move the company to Beijing.” Cheng Mingze suddenly enacted a serious face.

He may stay in Beijing in the future, and Xue Jiao would more than likely also not come back.

Cheng Shuo stared: “You say it so easily. Do you think our company is Lin Shi?”

He said this in his mouth, and suddenly muttered, “Even if we move over, the economy in the family will surely shrink greatly, and a lot of things have to be restarted.”

Cheng Mingze shook his hand: “I can make money myself, you don’t need to consider me in the future.”

Xue Jiao also copied him by shaking her hand: “I don’t need financial support when I go to college. I have scholarships and I can earn some myself.”

The three looked at Li Sitong together.

Li Sitong: “……”

She tried to speak deeper: “I’ll buy less luxury goods?”

Cheng Shuo clapped his hand suddenly and was happy: “That’s fine. Let’s use the time while I can still work to try it?”

He rushed to speak: “I had long had this idea, even if you don’t support me, I didn’t expect you to be more excited than even me!”

Cheng Mingze: “……”

Xue Jiao: “……”

You have been playing with this idea all this time? ? ?

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  1. Lol the dad was already thinking about it. He just wanted to be pampered into it? XD pfthahahah
    Many thanks

    • I guess every ambitious business man had dreamed of flying to capital lol. There is just to many risks and dependents. Good for father Cheng, he can try and even if it is a loss no one in the family will blame him.

    • I do not agree because she learns about these mistakes and that well. There are a few people who see their mistakes and who decides to change

      • But the main reason she learns about her mistakes is because her husband talked to her about them. They had that convo where he told her that she was wrong and that is when she started to change

      • Has she changed? We barely see her interact with her daughter. She’s still living the rich wife’s life and brags to others how great her children are as if she had a part in it. She’s not all too different from their teacher YF. She loves the kids but not on the level she proclaims she does. She cares for them, but not on the level a parent should be. Her kids are NOT her priority. She gets emotional and cries here and there but does she do anything for them that they will benefit from? She seems like one of those ‘child care’ novel protagonist where spouse and children are actually taking care of her and she’s delusionally believing she’s doing her part. I have to say it’s already great enough that she quit being abusive.

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  3. I don’t think she’s a bad mother, many people are putting too much focus on her mistakes, she’s a spoiled and naive woman but she’s learning to change, let’s remember that in the divorce she didn’t take any of the company’s assets just to be able to have custody of the daughter.
    and in her first life she died in a car accident because she was very worried about her daughter and went after her, she doesn’t know how to raise children but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her daughter, for me she is very human and even getting married with a rich man she didn’t leave her daughter behind

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