WFILTU Chapter 269 – Future II

Almost just as he stepped out of the door, Yi Tianyu dawdled over to Xue Jiao, and sourly said: “Lin Zhihua and you know each other before meeting?”

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes, and glanced at him: “What is it to you!”

She finished speaking, and speeded up.

Yi Tianyu chased up, and said: “You guys actually really know each other?! Nerd, it can’t be seen that you actually have met a wide range of people? “

“What’s it to you.”


Lin Zhihua held the door handle, listening to the voices of the people moving further away, and his eyes were slightly gloomy.

“Zhihua.” From behind him, Teacher Zheng shouted softly at him.

Lin Zhihua returned to his spirits, closed the door and walked back slowly.

He just squatted next to Teacher Zheng, and the other party held his hand.

This teacher.…..was one of the few women who could contact him physically.

She was more like a mother, and allowed him to rest a little bit.


Teacher Zheng’s eyes wetted, quietly speaking: “Jiao Jiao is the girl you like, right.”

Lin Zhihua was a little shocked.


Teacher Zheng smiled and narrowed her eyes. The tears had been hanging on the side of his eyes: “Teacher has lived to this old age, and did not waste time living until now. Every time I saw you before, it was like looking at a machine, saying what to do, with almost no emotion. Take a look at yourself now.… seems like you have flesh and blood. “

The Lin Zhihua who she has seen this time, was totally different from that of before.

She was happy and.…..scared.

Lin Zhihua looked at the loving old person and nodded gently.

“En.…..I like her and want to live with her for a lifetime.”

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Teacher Zheng wiped his eyes, and the tears couldn’t help rolling out.

“Teacher.…..” Lin Zhihua took the paper towel and handed it to her feeling heartache.

Teacher Zheng choked, looked at him, shaking his hand and touching his head.

“Zhihua.…..Zhihua.…..Jiao Jiao is a good girl, but.…..but.…..she is too small!”

Gu Xuejiao was 17 this year. Lin Zhihua was 26. There was nearly a ten year age gap between them.

“I’ll wait for her.” Lin Zhihua squatted, and smiled.

He looked at Teacher Zheng with his head tilted slightly, his eyes firm and temperament.

“I thought you would have been alone in your life. When I heard you say that you had someone you like, teacher was so happy. Your grandma.…..your grandmother should be very happy in heaven!”

Lin Zhihua continued to wipe her eyes for her.

“I know your character, and it would not change once you recognize someone. Even if others were to swear, they would still not necessary be able to live a lifetime together. But the teacher knows how you are. If you say that you want to live with her for a lifetime, that is really a lifetime. “

Lin Zhihua, this character, she understood too much.

He seemed deep and weak, but he was very firm.

Such a person who acknowledges a person, they would really not change in their lifetime.

Teacher Zheng’s tears rolled out as she tightly held onto Lin Zhihua’s hand.

“She is too small, her life is full of variables, Zhihua, I am afraid……I am afraid.…..she would not choose you in the end.…..”

What was terrible about this world was not that it stayed the same, but that it was seeming to have received the entire world but also losing the whole world.

Teacher Zheng felt very painful in her heart. Xue Jiao was too young. She has not even entered University, but was just a small eagle under the wings of an old eagle.

Lin Zhihua could keep watch and look after her at this time.

In the future, she will grow up, fighting the sky, will Lin Zhihua stay in her eyes?

Zhihua was the best man in the world in her heart, but he and Xue Jiao have a gap of nearly ten years!

Time, that’s something nobody could buy.

Lin Zhihua looked at the old person crying in front of him, and his eyes gradually reddened.

His voice was very light, like he would go with the wind at any time——

“But teacher, I can’t help it. It’s impossible to control my love for another. I have lived as Lin Zhihua for so many years, only this Xue Jiao has climbed into my heart. What she brought me was light, another different life. Without her, I would be a piece of rotten wood. “

Without her.…..dying wood……

Teacher Zheng cried and hugged Lin Zhihua into her arms.

God, you have been treating the child emotionally for so many years, so you should take pity on him. Please fulfill his demands just this once!

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  1. The age gap kinda gets worse the more you think about it. Especially if he is the one doing the chasing

  2. I am usually good at forgetting reality in order to read novels. Some things always make me uncomfortable though. Age gaps definitely depend on the ages of said people and in this instance, since Jiao Jiao is technically mentally older it makes things complicated. Honestly, to me she still feels like a how a high schooler would act to the point I actually forget what her age is. A 26 year old man trying to court a 17 year old is…what I would consider grooming. He says he wants to “watch over” her for now but like…it’s with the intention to be with her in the future so that’s pretty on par with how the grooming process works. Not saying he’s bad but… I don’t like thinking about it. I also dislike thinking about how novels like to portray love as the solution to everything. Jiao Jiao can support him, but she’s no psychiatrist or therapist. Buddy should get some professional help for his deeper issues. 😐

    • I agree, to love someone else you have to love yourself first, and in these cases the relationships will turn toxic very fast if not handle properly.

    • I don’t think you know what grooming really means. Grooming is when an older person forms a bond with a minor with the intention of sexual abuse, trafficking, and other means of hurting the other party. This is not grooming, he is waiting until the Xue Jiao can decide for herself to accept his affections or not. Is it so wrong to fall in love? Can you control your emotions over these matters? Anyone is free to love anyone if they’re not hurting anyone.

      • This is exactly what pedo would say. Adults cannot love kids, you are not free to love anyone you want!

      • Agreed! The ideology of whichever part of the world about this is messed up. They are so quick to be judgemental of other people love life. My dad is 31 when he married my mom 18. Not that he groomed or prey on my mother. He never knew my mother, he initially went to propose to my mom’s cousin (23) but turned out she had someone else. My grandpa then asked if there is anyone that wanted to take her place, since my dad had come from far. My mom said she wanted to. My dad lived there for a week to get to know my mom and they quickly get engaged and then married. Had been harmonious and loving since 1990 to now. I had a friend that married our high school teacher too. She confessed and the teacher said in 2 years, if your feeling is still the same, he will straight away propose and get married, but right now you job is to study. She study hard, get married with that teacher, attended university, work for a while and happy till now. It is much more important that you loved a responsible man/woman that truly wanted to marry and build a home than indulging in “accumulating experience of specific age range” until “the age to get married”. Of course, before anything else, you had to ensure you yourself is ready enough for marriage if you want to fall in love.

  3. Ok that made me emotional…. is true, loving someone does not mean you will be loved back. No matter how much you love the person. This is a fact.

    But this little fellow will be fine!! 😉

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  5. My parents have a 10 year age difference. They met when my mom was 18 and she was 19 when I was born. They don’t talk much about it, but my lttle aunt let it slip that my grandma was against the relationship, since he was a whole decade older. However, they made it work and has been together for about 35 years, with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

    • My mom and my dad had age gaps of 13. Married at 31 and 18. But my mom let it slip before that she actually is 17 at that time. They just wrote she is 18 because the legislative said had to wait until 18. My grandpa bribed to get my mom birth certificate changed! They never dated. My dad felt it is time to get married and actually exchanged letters with my mom’s cousin that two-timed him. When my dad come to propose marriage, my grandpa liked him thus he asked if anyone from our close relative wanted to marry my dad. Which my mom (his own daughter) said yes. As per tradition my dad bought two rings, engangement and marriage, and married my mom after just a week meeting. Happily married for about 33 years, with 3 children also… just didn’t have any grandchild yet 😅.

  6. He knows she has to finish high school and wants to go to university. He’s not driven by lust for her but a pure emotional and intellectual connection. She sees him as a mentor and high quality person. They have time for her to realize he’s the best kind of man no one else can measure up to especially since he’s so good to her. Hmmm I think a future conflict may be her falling for him but thinking he only sees her as his little protégée. And I just don’t see this story making him blacken 😆

    Asian stories often portray MLs not getting married til their 30s, with the mysophobic ones not having any relationships before they meet the “one” they can bear to touch… is this a real thing or part of author trope fantasy🤔?

    Thanks for the chapter 👏

  7. This kind of love is not bad you know. 10 years gap is no problem. Here my mother and father have almost 15 years gap between them.

    • It’s not a problem when its between adults! If you dad date your mom when she was 16, your dad is a criminal

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