WFILTU Chapter 267 – Cook V

It seems it was true….. just based on what she knows, the life of this person before, had nothing to do with happiness.

“I’m fine, teacher.” Lin Zhihua smiled, lightly.

His peripheral saw the girls sight met his so he smiled at her.

“Sit down, come on, hurry and sit.” Teacher Zheng sat down beside her with Lin Zhihua.

Then she pointed to the three opposite and said: “These three are my students this year, and maybe my last students.…..”

“Teacher.…..” Xue Jiao and the others couldn’t endure anymore, and opened their mouths to speak.

Teacher Zheng waved her hand, casually speaking: “I am old and I am not in good health. There’s nothing that cannot be said. These three children are good children. Both Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng are very hardworking. Tianyu is sincere. I like them very much.”

Lin Zhihua looked up and over, and glanced at them casually, pausing for a while on Yi Tianyu.

“En……they’re all very good.”

Teacher Zheng said a few words and talked with Lin Zhihua about the situation, and then she said, “You can talk to these children. I am a little tired.”

She was a little tired, leaning back, counting that as a rest.

Lin Zhihua turned his head and gently straightened the cushion for Teacher Zheng.

“Teacher, you have a rest. I’ll talk to them.”

“Alright.…..” Teacher Zheng smiled lovingly.

Lin Zhihua turned his head and looked at the three people, and gently tugged at the corner of his mouth.

“You are very good, and very hard working.”

Chu Sheng was a little excited. It was really wonderful to be encouraged by idols!


Lin Zhihua asked again: “Do you have a lot of pressure studying?”

When he spoke, his periphery stared at Xue Jiao.

The several people shook their heads at the same time, “It’s fine.”

“That’s good.” Lin Zhihua smiled, “No matter whether you want to go abroad or stay in China, since you have chosen the college entrance examination, you should make great efforts.”

“Alright!” The three nodded again.

Lin Zhihua’s expression has been light, but both Chu Sheng and Yi Tianyu feel that his attitude has been very good.

Only Xue Jiao was a little confused, feeling that Lin Zhihua was really polite today, and was totally different from usual.

“Are you hungry? I’m going to cook. ” Lin Zhihua said suddenly.

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“No, no need! You sit and rest, Zhihua. Uncle can do it! ” Grandpa Wu was quick to speak.

Lin Zhihua stood up, although without an intimate attitude, but they could feel his sincerity: “It’s nothing, let the teacher try my hard practice of craft.”

Xue Jiao was a little surprised and couldn’t endure speaking: “You can cook? “

“Surprised?” Lin Zhihua raised his brows.

He and Xue Jiao altogether didn’t say many words, but just from these two sentences, Teacher Zheng looked at them in surprise.

Even Grandpa Wu couldn’t help but look over. Only Yi Tianyu and Chu Sheng have not noticed anything wrong.

“It’s a little bit.” Xue Jiao nodded honestly.

“Then you will understand after you try my craft.” Lin Zhihua said, adjusting his clothes to go to the kitchen.

The three followed Grandpa Wu to help, and later let Grandpa Wu rest.

It became Lin Zhihua cooking, and they all assisted.

He seems to be really good at cooking……

Xue Jiao looked in surprise at his face filled with seriousness, frowning as he put a little bit of seasoning.

His movements were slow, but also beautiful, bringing a one-sided sense of seriousness, every one movement putting in each quantity precisely.

The dishes made methodically……really look very good……

And also a little like the shop on Wuliu Lane?

Xue Jiao is slightly confused.

When lunchtime arrived and Xue Jiao swallowed the first bite, she knew that it was really the feeling of that Wuliu Lane shop!

“It is unexpected that you have such a craft!” Grandpa Wu laughed.

Teacher Zheng nodded, swallowed a mouthful, and said with a smile, “it’s really good, it’s just, why do so many fish dishes?”

There are six dishes on the table, three of which are related to fish.

Lin Zhihua smiled, and his sight crossed to Xue Jiao sitting beside him. He was sitting in the middle between Xue Jiao and Teacher Zheng.

Soon, he took back his sight and said calmly: “the cat in the family likes to eat fish, and the dishes he learns are mostly related to fish. I hope that the cat in the family likes it.”

Xue Jiao nodded with everyone, and ate the fish still in her mouth.

She likes fish too!

Really like eating it!

Lin Zhihua’s cat is so fortunate!! It can also eat such delicious custom food!!

“It’s really super delicious!” Yi Tianyu puts up a thumb to Lin Zhihua.

Lin Zhihua nodded with a smile, and replied: “It’s ok.”

Lin Zhihua is in front of the plate of steamed fish, he picked up a better piece, placing it into Xue Jiao’s bowl.

Suddenly, all the people quickly looked up, brushing a glance at him and Xue Jiao.


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Yi Tianyu: what is the meaning of this?! You pair of dogs! Hn!

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