WFILTU Chapter 266 – Cook IV

Lin Zhihua looked at his phone and slightly sighed.

Overall, today, Xue Jiao did not speak more than a few words to him. She just said good night and slept.

He knew that she must be very sleepy. No matter how strong one was, they still aren’t Iron man. Teacher Zheng sure does teach very effectively.

But that was the highest intensity without any small difference in the progress. When they were learning, they would not feel it, but once they loosened, they would definitely feel tired and paralyzed.

He picked up his phone and looked out of the window.

He didn’t want her to work so hard, and even if she was sitting at home, he could bring all she wanted to her.

But what she wanted was to pursue her dream, which he couldn’t do.

Lin Zhihua looked out of the window and knocked his fingers on the chair.

There was still a year left,

There is still a year left……

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This progress lasted for half a month. On this day, when they were ready to leave, Teacher Zheng suddenly said, “I have a student coming to visit tomorrow. He is a very strong person. You will not have class in the morning, and will discuss with him.”

The three were in a daze.

Half a month was enough for them to understand Teacher Zheng’s temper. During this period, many people contacted Grandpa Wu to visit Teacher Zheng and were pushed aside. Teacher Zheng has also taught too many students, and her phrase “powerful” was already not too bad.

Very powerful?

What a powerful man that would be!

“All right.” The three answered.

When walking outside the community, Yi Tianyu can not help but gossip.

“Who is it? Which academic master? “

Chu Sheng pushed on his glasses, shaking his head: “My mother said that Teacher Zheng carried Professor Tan of Tsinghua and Professor Li. The president of the people’s Congress was also her students, including political, military and business people. It was not empty words that Teacher Ali has students all over the world.”

Yi Tianyu rolled his eyes at him. Yi Tianyu has finally discovered it after the three got a long day and night.

Behind this bookworm who studies hard, was also a very gossipy heart.

Nerd.…..only his deskmate was one!

Xue Jiao nodded: “Those that can let Teacher Zheng praise them as very strong, should definitely be a big leader. We should listen a bit more tomorrow.”

“Nerd, do you know how to communicate with people? I thought you would only be buried in books, reading bitterly. ” Yi Tianyu laughed and exclaimed.

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes at him and did not speak.

The three left the neighborhood, and each returned to their own homes.

The next day, the three people were waiting very early at Teacher Zheng’s home.

Even Teacher Zheng was extraordinarily spirited today. Grandpa Wu went out early to buy a lot of dishes.

They made an appointment at nine. When it was eight fifty, the doorbell rang.

“He’s here, he’s here!” Teacher Zheng was very happy.

Grandpa Wu hurriedly rushed to open the door, and then, a man wearing casual clothes with momentum came in.

His face can definitely be described in the word “beautiful”, and extremely delicate. His face was very serious, but sharp-sighted. The long but slightly muscular limbs looked so powerful that it never let people think that he was too beautiful, resulting in bad associations. Instead, they dared not look directly into his eyes.

This man——had a very powerful aura.

Lin Zhihua!

Xue Jiao seemed like she was split by thunder, and stood stunned in place.

Chu Sheng and Yi Tianyu almost jumped up. They were all native to W City, and they were all children of families with status.

Lin Zhihua, this character, can still be said to be their “child next door”, but also their goal and idol.

This man was born like a legend.

“Hello, Uncle Wu. Teacher, I haven’t seen you for a long time. ” Lin Zhihua and Grandpa Wu shook hands. When he came in, he immediately gave Teacher Zheng a hug with a sigh.

Teacher Zheng also held his hand tightly, her eyes reddening.

“You this child.…..”

He placed the gift box on the table with his left hand, patting Teacher Zheng gently, comforting her.

Teacher Zheng’s eyes burned brighter, and suddenly she could not help but sigh in a low voice: “You this child.…..also has a bitter life……”

Her voice was very light, if Xue Jiao was not very close, and has been consistently watching them, she would have not heard.

Life was bitter?

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