SOOEW Chapter 203- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XLIII

“Seriously, A Ke has been very volatile on the Internet before. Our team has also taken a lot of effort to do a good job in this respect. If the protective measures of the crew are not in place, he will lose the fan market.” She paused, hinting, “I think it will be a great loss for the film.”

Both sides were very clear about this perception. After all, at first, they were looking at the popularity of Jiang Ke on the mainland, and his image was very in line with the requirements of the people, so they sincerely invited. The crew could not stand by either one, hence, she could treat people with an aggressive attitude.

The deputy director was forced into a cold sweat by her words, and he could only stand up and say, “but even so, we can’t call the film to postpone filming just for him……this is not a small thing!”

She walked forward half a step, stepped on the hard floor with her high heels and made a light sound, causing the other party’s heart to follow along with the click, and then she laughed: “Why postpone it? Just shoot as usual. “

“……what do you 1 *formal form of you mean?” He was shocked like a badly frightened bird.

“Change the script.” She was bold and decisive, “Let the writer modify the script according to the situation of A Ke. Similar events can happen to the main lead, causing leg injury, and the play can be started from this aspect. If it is changed well, I believe that it will not affect the main line plot, but will add a laugh point towards this segment.”

Compared with the delay in the filming dates, this requirement was too small, and the deputy director almost agreed to it.

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“The timeline of shooting is not postponed, and this difficulty is not small……”

Wen Ying didn’t fight to reason. This was only the other’s last effort to fight. She smiled lightly and said: “This is the crew’s problem, I believe that with you there, it’s just a small problem.”

She ended the topic with this sentence and went back to the ward to see Jiang Ke’s injury.

After finishing the business, this time was a matter of genuine concern. She has a good feeling and respect for serious actors.

Before she arrived at the hospital, Jiang Ke’s assistant actually contacted her. The other side said that Jiang Ke told him before the operation that he wanted to continue filming after a few days off. This was not without the previous example. The hard-working actors will take injuries to keep the continuity of the play. After the play, they will have two operations. However, fractures were more serious. He had such willpower, and she would naturally reduce the resistance to progress for him.

“Zhou Zhou? I’m on my way over, can you wait a little. ” Yun Ou had a cell phone on his shoulder and face, urging the driver to hurry up a little faster.

“Where’s she?” Zhou Zhou asked.

“Are you speaking about sister? She is too busy to leave. You can rest assured. Who would dare to trouble you in the crew, I will find out for you! “

“Oh.” Zhou Zhou turned on bluetooth, switched the call to the background, then skillfully opened Weibo, refreshed, scrolled down a little, and saw the information he wanted on the home page.

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