WFILTU Chapter 263 – Cook I

Most of the supplementary teachers only take into account one subject, and even if there were more subjects, the teacher wouldn’t have enough time to be busy about.

However, heading to Teacher Zheng’s house, the word was passed early that she would be in charge of all subjects.

Teacher Zheng was the teacher Auntie Qin found. She was very old. She used to teach in Beijing. There were countless students brought out by her. At first, she took on students, and later on, those who ranked first nationally were all brought out by her. Later, when she was a little older, she went out to create questions.

She truly has students everywhere.

She was also the legend of a generation, and was rehired after retirement.

However, her age was truly too old. She is 73 this year, and her body is not healthy enough to engage in education.

Staying in Beijing, there were always such students who she could not refuse that came to the door.

Later, Teacher Wu, Teacher Zheng’s husband, took her back to his hometown, W City, and officially entered the old retirement life.

Last year, they had a rest for a whole year. This year, she was a little better. Teacher had taught for a lifetime. Her body became better and she began to itch again.

She didn’t plan to bring a lot of students, so she only brought three students. It just happened to be discovered by Madam Qin. She hurriedly stuffed Chu Sheng in.

Then, Li Shitong stuffed Xue Jiao in. After Yi Tianyu said a word to Yi Dafa, he didn’t need Li Sitong to help contact her. Yi Dafa pushed Yi Tianyu in himself.

Three names, full.

On the first day of holiday for Qizhong, Jiao Jiao carried her bag and took books to head for supplementary classes.

The location of the class was Teacher Zheng’s home. When she knocked on the door, it was Yi Tianyu who opened the door for her.

“Yi, you all came already?” Her voice was full of surprise.

Xue Jiao casually glanced around, and did not see Teacher Zheng.

“Grandpa Wu went in to help Teacher Zheng clean up. Let’s wait here first.” Yi Tianyu explained.

Chu Sheng smiled at her gently, and Xue Jiao returned a smile back.

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Yi Tianyu saw this scene, feeling somewhat unhappy. What did these two mean by doing this in his face?!

He sat in between the two and said, “We’re having a supplementary class. What about the homework? Copy? “

As far as their homework was concerned, it was almost impossible to fit it all in the school bag.

Now they have to attend class again. Where will he have the time to write his homework?

Both sides gave him an eye roll. Chu Sheng pushed his glasses up: “You cannot copy the homework. It’s better not to write the homework if you’re going to copy it.”

Yi Tianyu’s eyes widened and he exclaimed: “Holy s***! Chu Sheng, I never felt that your courage is actually so bold that you would dare to not do the homework! You’re even more of a warrior than me! “

Chu Sheng: “……”

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes: “Chu Sheng’s meaning is that we can do the homework in the morning and at night.”

Chu Sheng nodded in approval.

Yi Tianyu: “……”

24 hours a day without rest?

“Ha ha, how can I not let you little children do your homework?” A loving voice came, smiling, with an excellent spirit.

The three lifted their heads to look over.

She was a very loving old person, kind-hearted, with rimmed glasses, but her hair was white and her body slightly bent.

There was another elderly helping her. His age was also not young but he looked more energetic compared to Teacher Zheng.

Xue Jiao understood the teacher so she admired and respected.

When the teacher was young, she went to the countryside to teach. Some poor people didn’t have money so they would prevent their children from going to school to sign up.

It was this teacher who went through the mountains and found students in several deserted mountains. The families were lobbied and even paid for the tuition fees.

The children were truly brought back to school, but the bitterness that Teacher Zheng experienced remained in her body.

Hence, these two elderly didn’t have a boy or even half a girl.

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