WFILTU Chapter 262 – Escort VIII

Xuejiao recited the words as she walked to her own front door. Cheng Mingze hasn’t come back yet. His score made him successfully jump from the mathematics department to the computer department.

After the scores came out, he went to Silicon Valley to find some friends. Later, he stayed there to help, and hasn’t come back.

So much so that the media and school have not found the person.

But the picture on the school bulletin board went on hot search——

Such a handsome school tyrant.

Cheng Shuo said that the news network also mentioned it once. The family was very happy everyday they went home til now.

When Xue Jiao came in, Li Sitong was on the phone, looking very happy.

“Really! That’s great, Ok, alright, I’ll tell her now! “

Seeing Xue Jiao come in, Li Sitong spoke to the other end of the phone, “Thank you, Sister Qin. Jiao Jiao has come back. I’ll go first.”

Then she hung up.

“You have returned!”

“En.” Xue Jiao nodded as she changed her shoes.

Li Sitong came to take her schoolbag: “Chu Sheng’s mother contacted a teacher, who was a well-known supplementary teacher. In her early years, she specialized on the college entrance examination questions. Now she has retired. This summer vacation, she was going to tutor a few more students. I’ve signed up for you. You and Chu Sheng will go to class together.”

Xue Jiao was stunned for a moment, and Then said: “……ok.”

She had never been to a cram school in her last life, and she didn’t know what it was like.

“That teacher is sure very famous. If it were not that she was too old, the students she visits every year would not even have room. Madam Qin was asked to keep a low profile. The teacher lacks the energy to lead more than a few people.” Li Sitong looked happy.

This year, Cheng Mingze’s achievements made her happy and earned her face. Naturally, she hoped to keep up her efforts.

Xue Jiao thought for a moment, and then suddenly said, “Can you add another person?”

Li Sitong paused, “Who?”

“Yi Tianyu.”

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Xue Jiao sent a messageto Yi Tianyu——

【Are you there?】

At the other end, Yi Tianyu was playing basketball. He looked at the vibrating phone and jumped up excitedly.

The nerd had sent him a message!

Was she trying to set up a date to play?

Yi Tianyu rubbed his hands excitedly, and his fingers trembled slightly, pretending to reply calmly——

【What’s the matter? I’m here。】

【 Nerd: There’s a good cram school and a well known teacher. Do you want to apply for it?】

Yi Tianyu: “……………………”


The author has something to say: Yi Tianyu (proud face): Nerd is very kind to me!

Lin Zhihua (indifferent): how is she good?

Yi Tianyu (guilty):.….. just just just……She doesn’t let me copy the homework……

Lin Zhihua (indifferent): ha ha.

Yi Tianyu: She did one more thing for me!

Lin Zhihua (Cold) : What?

Yi Tianyu (guilty): Just just.…..Just.…..just enrolled in a cram school……

Lin Zhihua (calm): She thought of you as her little brother.

Yi Tianyu (angry): She thought of you as her master!

Lin Zhihua: …………

Yi Tianyu: Come on, let’s hurt each other mutually!

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  2. You’d think Li Sitong would ask Xuejiao her opinion on cram school first. It makes sense for a child to be obedient to their well meaning parent but she keeps saying that she’ll try harder to get her trust back and then makes no effort to know how her daughter feels about anything. At the end of every appearance of LST she only cares about external things. :/

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