SOOEW Chapter 200- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XL

“It seems that when he was a child, he mischievously fell into the swimming pool and almost drowned……” the assistant said, “But Brother Jiang knows how to swim. Maybe he just has a psychological obstacle towards jumping in.”

Wen Ying nodded and had a general understanding of the whole story. Then she went to Jiang Ke. He was looking at the still water attentively, as if he was doing psychological construction and didn’t discover the person next to him.

“You don’t dare to jump?” She stood for a moment and suddenly said.

Jiang Ke was slightly surprised. He tilted his head and saw that it was her. His eyes meandered, and he asked: “How did you come?”

“If I don’t come, then should I wait until you are kicked out of the cast?”

“It’s not that serious.” He came out of his meditation, placed his hands in his pockets as usual, and bore a relaxed appearance. He said with a smile, “Let me think about it clearly. It will be fine soon. You should just watch on the side.”

“How will you think clearly about it? Let you simulate in your mind how to jump, and then drown? ” Her words were sharp.

“……how do you know what I’m thinking?”

“Everyone has something to be afraid of. I am very clear on what a person will do when they are afraid of something and have to face it.”

Jiang Ke assured her, “I’ll overcome it and it won’t affect the progress of filming. I——”

“It doesn’t affect the shooting progress? You have seriously delayed the shooting progress already. If you have the ability, then think about it for another hour to see how many people will scold you behind your back. “

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Hearing this, he couldn’t help but get angry and said with a sneer: “If you scold, then scold, what can it do? I had a special reason. It’s not like I meant to delay the shooting.”

“You’re an actor, and when you perform, you should do your best.” Wen Ying took a deep look at him and suddenly ordered, “Hold your breath.”

Because he listened to her often normally, Jiang Ke’s subconscious reaction was to hold his breath. When he realized something, he had been pushed into the water by her without any psychological preparation!

“Hua”, a huge splash of water pool sprung out!

Originally in standby mode, all the staff turned their eyes. Even the director poked his head out from behind the monitor. Seeing that the agent was so fierce, he couldn’t help smacking his lips. He regretted that he should have called her long ago.

The staff couldn’t help shaking and scolded “fuck” in their hearts. It’s pitiable for Brother Jiang to have such an agent……they really shouldn’t complain about his unreasonableness. He’s under enough pressure already.

Wen Ying stood on the bank and took a frigid glance at the swimming pool. Then she said to the stunned assistant: “He knows how to swim? Look at him for me. If there’s something wrong, jump down and save the person. “

“……he does, but……” the assistant inquired, “Brother Jiang hasn’t responded at all. Does it count as something wrong?”

At the moment when he said this, Wen Ying’s ankle was suddenly caught by a pair of strong hands. She was stunned. As soon as she lowered her head, she was suddenly dragged by the person in the water and fell into the pool.

The water in the swimming pool did not cover the top of their heads. Across the transparent water blue, the evil smile of Jiang Ke’s lips and his angry eyes that exposed his dissatisfaction incisively and vividly.

He has been down for some time, but he was still holding his breath, as if he was quibbling with her. Wen Ying closed her eyes with a smile in view of his puzzled eyes. When she opened it again, her expression had changed slightly. The smile of the mature woman just now changed, as if there was a pure color.

The temperament that he had never seen on her before paused Jiang Ke in his tracks.

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