SOOEW Chapter 199- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXXIX

Jiang Ke’s new play “Unconventional Path” contained a large proportion of fight scenes, but in addition, he lurked around the villain forces and evaded all kinds of exploration by virtue of scenes, props and skills, which led to many hilarious laughs. He was located in a club. In order to escape the anti-reconnaissance, he quickly hid in the swimming pool.

Seeing that he was about to escape, he was suddenly patted on the shoulder from behind. The hero was shocked and spat out bubbles, which floated to the surface of the water, alerting the inspector.

When the hero turned around, he found that the person who patted him on the shoulder was actually the eldest young mistress in his “pursuit”——that was, the role of the second female lead, the daughter of the high-level villain. The protagonist pretended to pursue her to get close to the villain forces and make a cover for his identity. The young lady’s personality was rather silly, white and sweet. She dreamt of being a painter and yearned for romantic love, so she was easily captured by the hero.

She had been swimming in the pool of the clubhouse originally. Because the brick wall at the bottom of the pool drew a beautiful picture, she dived, and was not found by others. During the period, she saw the hero also jump down, so she teasingly came forward to scare him.

The hero tried his best to make gestures with her. She just thought that he was playing a game. She immediately got excited and swam around with gestures, just like a simple and happy mermaid. The movement in the water was getting bigger and bigger, which would disturb the people on the shore at any time. In addition, the hero’s swimming abilities were not good, so he couldn’t endure it any longer.

The people on the shore gradually approached……but the young lady swam to the surface of the water first!

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As soon as the inspector saw it, it turned out that it was movement from the young lady who was playing with others in the water. He consciously got a reasonable explanation and left.

When the crisis was over, the hero was ready to float up to breathe in the fresh air. However, he saw the young lady sink to the bottom of the water again and kissed him gently to pass the air to him.

This scene from the beginning of the play, to the later kiss play, had a kind of timeless stereotyped romantic feeling. The rhythm was bright, and full of tension.

The crew was filming outside, and rented a clubhouse to film.

At present, Jiang Ke is standing by the pool of the club, looking down at the water. His feet were wet all the way to his knees. It can be seen that he had tried, but his clothes were still clean.

As soon as she arrived, she asked her assistant, “What’s the situation?”

“It’s just the scene about diving. It’s written in the script that he needs to jump in, but it seems that Brother Jiang can’t do it. He sits on the wall of the pool at first, and then slowly dips into the water, like a turtle……” The assistant saw that Wen Ying’s momentum was frightening, and he couldn’t help waving his hand. “It’s not what I said, it’s the director. It’s always like this after too many takes. The director thinks Brother Jiang’s attitude is wrong, so the words he speaks aren’t too nice to hear.”

“What about the others?”

“The other staff are fine. Brother Jiang normally treats others pretty well so everyone helps him talk.”

“En, then why is he afraid of water, do you know?”

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