WFILTU Chapter 257 – Escort III

“Jiao Jiao, let’s accompany Mingze to take the college entrance examination. Quickly freshen up!” Li Sitong shouted as she changed her shoes.

Xue Jiao placed down her pen and extended her head out on the second floor: “I have to go too?”

Li Sitong glared at her, “This is a big event for the whole family!”

“Oh alright, I’m going to freshen up now!” Xue Jiao retracted her head, changed her clothes, loaded up two more books, and then pattered downstairs.

Cheng Mingze was helpless: “You guys don’t have to go to so much trouble.”

“This is a big event for our family. Next year, your sister will take the college entrance

examination, and you will also have to come back!” Cheng Shuo placed down his newspaper.

“Ok ok ok, it’s up to you guys. It’s hot today. You guys can wait in the car later.” Cheng Mingze continued to advise.

“All right.” Cheng Shuo answered.

The family tidied up and went out an hour and a half ahead of time.

By the time they arrived at the school gate, many parents had arrived, and teachers were hanging signs to maintain order.

“Jiayou, Mingze, just maintain your normal level, and don’t have any burdens in your heart.” Cheng Shuo smiled and encouraged.

Li Sitong also hastened over, and seemed more nervous than Cheng Mingze: “Mingze, you really don’t need to have any psychological burdens. Don’t be nervous. Anyway, you’ve been escorted to Tsinghua.”

When it came to this sentence, the parents of the students who accompanied the students in the college entrance examination suddenly turned back and muttered: “What’s the point of testing if they were already escorted……”

Then there was envy in his eyes.

The parents of the students on the other side also heard it and immediately turned around.

“Classmate, classmate, hey, hey.” It was a middle-aged man. Xue Jiao and them immediately looked over.

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Mingze looked confused.

“That……you were escorted to Tsinghua?”

Cheng Mingze continued to nod blankly.

“Hey, hey, can you shake my son’s hand!” Then the man grabbed the boy’s hand and pulled it over.

Cheng Mingze:“……”

He stiffly extended his hand to shake the other’s.

“Puchi——” Xue Jiao laughed.

Then she came forward and patted Cheng Mingze on the shoulder, “Brother, hurry in, good luck!”

“Ok.” Cheng Mingze reached out his hand, rubbed her head, and then turned to leave.

The difference with their situation was that the parents next to them kept advising the children. The children had already got in and yet, they were still shouting——

“Don’t be afraid, son! Mom will wish you good luck!”

“Remember to go to the bathroom first!”

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“Darling! Remember to check whether the answer sheet was filled out or not! “

“Answer the questions first! Then double check it at the end! “

“Don’t panic, just take it as a regular examination!”


Almost all the students had already gone in. Li Sitong took out a few things from her bag.

“Must win the college exam” was written on the three banners with three red ribbons, on which the titles were written with gold.

“What’s this for?” Cheng Shuo doubted.

Li Sitong put on his forehead, tied a red ribbon and held the flag.

She handed the rest to Xue Jiao and them and said, “Come on, hurry and wear it”

Cheng Shuo:“……”

Xue Jiao:“……”

Li Sitong glared: “This is to open the light. This has been popular in these two years!”

They looked at each other, received it with a sad face, and then wore it.

At this moment, Xue Jiao felt like they were the three idiots. Obviously, Cheng Shuo thought the same.

But after they met countless parents with the same equipment on their way to the tree, Xue Jiao and Cheng Shuo suddenly raised their heads.

Since they were all so stupid, there was nothing to say.

It was very difficult for the three to find a place to sit down in the shade. They all held a small hand fan and sat with all the parents.

On such a day, regardless of family background, those who had the backing of a company or big leaders, it was the same——they were all the parents of college entrance examination students.

There were an endless stream of students running over, and there were even some students who were brought over by the police.

June 7, June 8, these two days of each year always appear to be very different, especially to those who have experienced the college entrance examination. At this time of each year, they would all have some sighs.

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