WFILTU Chapter 256 – Escort II

Oh that’s right, you are a reasonable boss……as long as it was you who spoke, it is reasonable.

Can’t refute, everything should be obeyed!

“Alright……” Tan Qi grievously answered.

He also wanted to find a partner, but if Chen Yan served his boss 24 hours a day, he must serve him 20 hours.

Those who worked their jobs, besides money, they had nothing else.

In the past, Tan Qi was very happy. You see, the big boss was so rich but he also hasn’t fallen in love!

We have to be miserable together!

But recently……his boss seems to be……in love……

This sure f****** hurt the heart.

Lin Zhihua nodded and cleaned himself up in the mirror: “What time is the plane?”

“The flight is at eight thirty to Beijing”

“En.” Lin Zhihua continued to clean up.

He straightened his hair in the mirror, thinking of someone in his head.

Xue Jiao cried after having a nightmare about him……does she care about him, too?

Lin Zhihua’s mouth rose slightly.

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Tan Qi: “! ! !”

He immediately turned around and published in a small private group chat that excluded his boss and Chen Yan——

“Boss is in a good mood today! ! !”

With that, the news was immediately brushed through intensely.

Project Manager: Lao Wang, Lao Wang, hurry and prepare the information. When the boss arrives, immediately go and report! Thank you, assistant Tan!

Director of the planning department: Ah Ah Ah, I’ll prepare the proposal right away! Thank you, Assistant Tan!

Manager of the Technology Department: Wait for me, Sister Xu, let’s go together! Thank you, Assistant Tan!

Financial Manager: There was no big project yesterday or today? How did the boss suddenly have a good mood? Thank you, assistant Tan!

Personnel manager: No matter why he is in a good mood, the frequency of the boss having a good is equal to a red rain. Hurry up! Thank you, Assistant Tan!


Tan Qi exposed a smile that everyone was drunk and he, alone was awake. This group of people will never guess that the boss may be……in love!

He was still very professional. Some could be said, but some can’t be said even if he was beaten to death.

“Bang——” a towel fell on his head.

Tan Qi raised his head, and Lin Zhihua resumed his cold face. “What are you thinking? We’re leaving.”

Then he strode out.

Tan Qi put away his phone and quickly followed along with his briefcase.

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