WFILTU Chapter 255 – Escort I

Xue Jiao’s breathing paused.

She can’t describe her feelings at that moment, but that scene was hard to forget until the end of her life.

The light gradually brightened, a little dazzling. Xue Jiao half squinted at the figure, her eyes moist.

The tears she just stopped fell down again, but her mouth exposed a smile, “How did you come?”

Lin Zhihua smiled, “I came to let you see that I’m fine..”

His voice was very low, but Xue Jiao could still hear very clearly in the silent morning.

She didn’t know what to say. She just looked at him. Lin Zhihua also looked at her with a smile. No one spoke, and there was no voice.

After a long time, Xue Jiao slowly opened her mouth——


Lin Zhihua looked at her and made a sound: “Hmm?”

“On the road……pay attention to……safety……” being stared at by his eyes, Xue Jiao stuttered.

He laughed more and more deeply. His throat moved and he waved: “Ok, I’ll drive slowly.”

Lin Zhihua, with light on his back, laughed enough to cause Xue Jiao to ignore the glow in the sky.

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Xue Jiao faced the light. The sunlight hit the palm-like big face. With one look, his heart had melted

Their life was very much like this moment, one was growing towards the sun, the other was carrying the light.

Lin Zhihua felt the warmth of the sun when he had Xue Jiao.

Since Xue Jiao had Lin Zhihua, it was just like having a wall to block the darkness.

This time Xue Jiao watched Lin Zhihua leave. She stared at his back and rubbed her red and swollen eyes.

Facing the rising sun, Xue Jiao made a wish——

May the man who left before he could show his ability in the original text live a peaceful life.


It was before seven o’clock when Lin Zhihua returned to the apartment. Tan Qi was standing at the door, looking anxious.

When he saw his boss coming up from downstairs, he was at a loss for a moment, and then he saw his boss’s “slovenly” appearance and turned even more silly.

Tan Qi’s first thought was——

Shit! People who are so nice looking are always handsome!

The second thought was——

He didn’t take proper care of his boss. When he goes back to Beijing, would Secretary Chen kill himself? ?

Tan Qi immediately went up with a worried face: “Boss, where are you going? Is there something wrong? “

Lin Zhihua threw the key to Tan Qi, and he quickly opened the door.

“Assistant Tan, I think you’d better solve your personal problems as soon as possible. I’m not one of those unreasonable bosses.”

Tan Qi: “? ? ?”

Are you that kind of reasonable boss??

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  1. Honestly, I initially doubted the ship bc of age gap…but their interactions are heart-fluttering and make me cheer for their happiness together.

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