SOOEW Chapter 194- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXXIV

Although he was not in league with Zhou Zhou, but when they went against Jiang Ke just now. He clearly combined with his own tacit understanding, so that somehow, he now had a feeling of betrayal!

Ning Xiao’s mood was important, but now this situation was really more important. Hence, she hoped to press down the information in time with the other main lead, Jiang Ke.

“Sister Ou.” Ning Xiao stopped Yun Ou, who was going to follow and leave. “Don’t go first. I have something to ask you. What is the actual relationship……between her and Jiang Ke? “

In front of Wen Ying, he dared not ask directly, afraid to get a reply that he didn’t want to hear. As a result, he hesitated to ask Yun Ou, and even called her Sister Ou.

When he finished this sentence, Zhou Zhou’s sight swept over. The two immediately watched her with eyes full of pressure. Suddenly, Yun Ou felt her head was twice as big. My sister, you are happily attracting the bees and butterflies in front but why do you have to leave me to defend the back!

“Anyway, it’s just not the hidden rules……” She said with a stiff scalp. “They have a bad relationship. They must have only become familiar after she signed him on?”

“But last time she took Jiang Ke’s keys!” Ning Xiao stressed, “How can she have Jiang Ke’s keychain!?”

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Zhou Zhou was surprised. He did not think this would happen.

Yun Ou, under his reminder, successfully thought the two had a one night stand. She had a sudden realization, and then she muttered with speculation: “Oh, that is probably……friends with benefits?”

Ning Xiao, Zhou Zhou: “……”

Friends with benefits???!!!

Obviously things were not well controlled, but they worsened instead.

Yang Sen and Jiang Ke’s two fans were very united because of their good idols. They even had CP powders. The moment they saw the photos, they seemed to have become crazy. Jiang Ke and Yang Sen’s Weibos fell into decline. Under Wen Ying’s new Weibo, it was even more like a bloody field. In a flash, the number of fans on her Weibo increased, which was more frightening than the last one.

This time, there was a real hammer in, and compared to last time, the consequences are obviously different. On the Internet, it was mainly filled with curses.

If it were said to be the hidden rules, then it was the gray area in the entertainment circle. The fans didn’t have a bottom to their words, and the masses also watched lively. But this time, it is obviously related to public morality. According to the picture, they and Wen Ying were not purely of the hidden rule relationships——neither of their fame required hidden rules. That is, Wen Ying dated two people at once, and at the same date and the same place, she had close contact with both of them.

The so-called intimate contact was not only about kissing, but again, after the kiss, there were also photos of the hotel coming back out on the Internet.

Previously, at the beginning of the first wave of scandal, it was rumored that Wen Ying had been photographed at a hotel and was suspected to have been lingering with a fresh meat all night. At that time, on the Internet, the fresh meat was guessed at one by one, but there was no confirmed candidate. It wasn’t until now, when Jiang Ke was photographed at the door of the same hotel. The clothes on the two people were actually the same as those on the photo of them kissing.

The masses were not fools, and they immediately figured out the connection: they went to the hotel for a warm night because it was not convenient for them to solve the problem when they were feeling up their guns in Yang Sen’s villa.

Instead of saying it’s a scandal, with the current degree, it can already be said to be ugly news, which has brought about a very bad impact.

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