WFILTU Chapter 249 – Sunlight I

Even through the phone Xue Jiao could feel Gu Shiyun’s anger. The kind of anger where she wanted to pinch her to death.

Jiao Jiao originally had already cleared Gu Shiyun’s and their phone numbers, but this was a new number. Obviously, it was her number from abroad.

“I can’t understand what you’re on about.” Xue Jiao didn’t care about the other burning with a frenzy of rage, answering calmly.

She finished speaking and turned to look at Lin Zhihua. Seeing the other nod, her heart had some confidence.

“Don’t continue to pretend, Gu Xuejiao!”

Gu Shiyun was calm at ordinary times, but Gu Jingxu’s bankruptcy had a great influence on her. This time, finding the culprit, Gu Shiyun was burning in anger. In her memory, Xue Jiao should not be her opponent.

But this person who should not be an opponent, had pushed her to her present situation!

Lin Zhihua listened to the voice at the other end of the phone and frowned slightly.

Xue Jiao placed the phone on her knees. Lin Zhihua tilted his head, and whispered to Xue Jiao: “Tell her, don’t speak blindly.”

The damp and hot breath hit her ears. In order to ensure that Gu Shiyun could not hear, he approached very closely.

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Xue Jiao’s ears moved, and moved unnaturally, a little red.

Lin Zhihua looked down at it, and he looked away unnaturally.

Xue Jiao suddenly returned to her senses, and spoke according to Lin Zhihua: “Don’t speak blindly!”

“I’m speaking blindly? Really, don’t pretend anymore. Liu Yueyue took a picture of you and a man getting on the bus! Gu Xuejiao, don’t think I don’t know anything when I go abroad! ” The voice on the phone became more and more furious. Her calm and wit were stimulated to disappear.

Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, and met Xue Jiao’s eyes.

He had a smile in his eyes, as if he were saying——look, we caught the “spy” just like this.

Xue Jiao: “……”

She was speechless. Liu Yueyue was the one who poured soup on her in the dining hall. It seemed that she and Gu Shiyun had known each other for a long time. When Xue Jiao condemned her on the radio, the other side became Gu Shiyun’s spy in school.

Some people seemed to be unaware of their mistakes, and they would only constantly rely on complaining about others to make sure that they were in the right.

Seeing that Xue Jiao did not speak for a long time, the other continue to shout——

“You pushed me to a foreign country in a hurry and then let my dad’s company go bankrupt, isn’t it just to get your revenge on me? Gu Xuejiao, I thought you really changed, but it turned out that you were just better than me at acting. What? To break down dad’s company, you went in and out with the rich and powerful men before you even reached the age of an adult? “

“He’s just my friend!” Xue Jiao frowned.

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  1. LMAOOOOO. Sure. As if a random rich and power man would bother doing all that for some random high school child just for ‘favors’. What drama is she writing in her head
    Many thanks

    • IDK, rich people have money to fulfill their weird desires, though I doubt anyone would admit it to this psychotic kid. Wonder why she isn’t calling all the competition wondering why they helped ruin the company

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