WFILTU Chapter 341 – Number One IV

Their eyes turned to look at Yin Fang together. The other was staring at the screen without saying a word.

When they looked carefully, they could still see her trembling lips and blue veins on her forehead.

Her eyes stared at the computer. It looked like she was going to eat the computer.

Did she……fail on the exam?

“Gu Xuejiao seems to have gone to the examination room while sick.”

“It seems that Chu Sheng won this time. Even if Gu Xuejiao played at her peak strength, she should be almost the same as Chu Sheng.”

“But I still hope that the top spot of the list came from our school! Hahaha!”

“By the way, Teacher Yin, how much did Gu Xuejiao score?”

“Did she score at least 700?”

Yin Fang’s voice was hoarse, like a blade had cut it. Her upper and lower lips were shaking, her right hand tightly held the mouse, a little white, but her voice was as high as possible——

“Gu Xuejiao……731……”

“Holy shit——”

Across from her, Li Ping’s happy smile froze, his pupils narrowed and he stared at Yin Fang incredulously.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of a word.

Now there is Zhu Geliang, why is Zhou Yu still born?

After the results came out, Cheng Shuo received countless calls from the head teacher, the school leaders and all parties to give congratulations……

Her results were published almost as soon as they came out.

Even the Internet has set off a great storm.

This year’s set of problems was set a new record by a girl with a super high score of 731.

Her grades in various subjects were soon published on the Internet. Then, the inch photo used on the college entrance examination was also placed on the Internet.

“This is the first time I’ve known……that photography technology for the college entrance examination could be so beautiful……”

“Why are others so beautiful? And I was photographed into a big pancake face?”

“I’m in the same school with her! She’s really good-looking!! Straight A student and the school flower!”

“Brag, but if she gets good grades, you’ll forcibly give her the name of school flower?”

“She’s really beautiful! With this appearance, is it wrong to call her the school flower?”

“This score is really terrible……how does her brain grow?”


The fluctuation of the photo was very small. It was removed when the expansion scope was not large. After that, there were only scores and “Student Gu”. There was not even a full name.

Lin Shi.

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“Boss, the photos have been taken down, only the score and the school is left.” Tan Qi spoke respectfully.

Lin Zhihua nodded.

Tan Qi asked, “Do you want to withdraw these information from the school?”

Lin Zhihua just shook his head: “No need, their school needs to publicize. Just withdraw the photos.”

“Yes!” Tan Qi spoke and went out.

Lin Zhihua looked out of the window.

Jiao Jiao was really good-looking. Once her appearance is placed on the Internet and matched with her score, it would be known to all.

But this was not necessarily a good thing.

Her appearance itself will let her be paid more attention wherever she goes. Being under fame was not necessarily a good thing.

The world gave preferential treatment to those who look good, but if they look too good, they would be in trouble.

Xue Jiao was a person with strengths and dreams. He was willing to give her a free sky.

Of course, this also had his little careful thinking. He doesn’t want too many people to see Xue Jiao. He couldn’t bear to……

He kept looking out of the window when his phone rang.

Lin Zhihua picked it up, was slightly stunned, and then smiled.

“Jiao Jiao.”

The voice on the other end of the phone smiled: “Lin Zhihua, my grades have come out, 731. Our family will move to Beijing in a few days. I’ll invite you out for a meal then! !”

Lin Zhihua raised his mouth: “Why do you have to invite me out for a meal.”

Xue Jiao looked at the sky outside and said seriously, “Thank you for helping me and encouraging me these past two years. You are my best friend and also my……”

Lin Zhihua’s heart tightened and his breathing stopped.

Xue Jiao smiled and spoke in a brisk voice, “You’re also my most important teacher. Thank you.”

She regarded him as her mentor and the best teacher in her life.

At the other end, Lin Zhihua’s fingers turned white and his heart sank for a moment, but he was only quiet for a second and said, “It doesn’t matter. I’m willing to help you.”

“I still have to express my gratitude!” Xue Jiao insisted.

Lin Zhihua’s head was a little confused, and he forcibly kept his reason, “Alright, I’ll accept it. When you come to Beijing, invite me out for a meal.”

“Alright!” Xue Jiao nodded heavily.

At the other end of the phone, Lin Zhihua, who closed his phone, was stunned. He looked out of the window.

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