SAPPS Chapter 80

“All done?”

“All done.” Wei San entered the new transformed mecha and controlled it to release the golden crossbow with broken cloud wings and arms.

The shopkeeper looked at the mecha in the workshop and was amazed. This mecha can be called a top-grade A mecha in terms of attack ability and beauty. Obviously it was an original mecha from the underground factory a week ago.

Wei San tried it and felt good. Then she came out and put away the mecha. She got up early and worked hard all week. At the cost of clearing credits, the transformation was finally completed.

“It’s worth the money!” The shopkeeper gave Wei San a thumbs up.

“Of course, it’s worth 50 million.……” Wei San said without a sound. She opened her light brain and found something.

West Landing gave her 50 million star coins. At first, Wei San wanted to make some money from it. As a result, she transformed the mecha and bought all kinds of materials and parts. 50 million star coins were spent completely.

No, she also posted the rent of the five night workshop, plus credits and class hours.


Wei San felt heartache when she even breathed. She agreed to make money, but now she actually paid for the unprofitable business.

“If you take out this mecha transformation, you will be famous.” The shopkeeper was disappointed. “You young people are getting better and better.”

Wei San comforted herself that at least she had satisfied her hand addiction to transforming mechas. She pointed to several volumes of drawings piled next to her: “Boss, you can also transform them, I can sell you the drawings, for 500000 star coins?”

The shopkeeper agreed directly when he heard the speech without hesitation. Who would miss such a good thing, but he had professional ethics and said, “Leave a name.”

Wei San wrote a line directly on the spread drawing: “Too poor to make mecha.”

Shopkeeper: “……”

“Is this ok?”

“Yes.” The shopkeeper swiped her the money and put away the drawings with one hand. This person may not be willing to reveal their identity.

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He just couldn’t remember which mecha engineer was as stingy and generous as her.

Wei San earned a little money by relying on the design drawings, and her psychology was finally balanced. She slept a little better at night.

Early the next morning, she handed the mecha to West Landing on the second floor underground. The other party took over the mecha and didn’t try it immediately. He politely said thank you first.

“Try it. Whatever you feel isn’t fine, I can change it.……let my friend change it.” Wei San said seriously that this was the mecha she had modified with money. If there was any problem, she may not be qualified to do it.

They went to the underground factory training ground together and West Landing released the mecha. The people around them subconsciously looked at it.

This mecha was a little too dazzling, especially the platinum painting. It could be seen that it cost a lot of money at a glance.

West Landing  was also a little stunned. He didn’t pay much attention to the transformation of this mecha before. As long as he could add two weapons.

“The broken cloud wing has been modified a little, and there is a black crossbow. My friend has replaced it with a gold painted crossbow. You can try it.” Wei San explained in detail about the change to West Landing .

There was a place for trial practice in the training ground. West Landing controlled the mecha to try out the new weapons, but he was keenly aware that this mecha was smoother than before, and it seemed that it was not as simple as adding weapons.

A golden white mecha suddenly released two broken cloud wings and took off. The light of the training ground shone on the golden white mecha. The fine and dazzling light made the people around unconsciously cast their eyes on it. The golden white feather was thin and sharp, and the flashing light was cold and frightening to touch.

Not to mention anything else, the light of this mecha was enough to frighten people.

West Landing’s finger in the aircraft mecha cabin moved quickly on the control panel. The people only saw a light blow of the broken cloud wing, and the steel plate opposite was immediately covered with small sharp sleeve arrows.

This was not broken cloud wing!

All the people around noticed that the broken cloud wings of the West Landing’s mecha were different from others.

Thinking about how much it takes to avoid such a dense attack in the game? There were similar weapons, but they never appeared on broken cloud wings.



The hearts of the people jumped, and West Landing in the trial training area had controlled the broken cloud wings to be thrown on the steel plate, leaving deep traces. The essence of the broken cloud wing has not been changed. It can still be used as an attack weapon.

What is this broken cloud wing? Unexpectedly, it has three functions!

West Landing tried to test the golden crossbow again. Its movements felt very good. He came out of the mecha and thanked Wei San again: “Your friend.……is very powerful.”

“She’s great.” Wei San boasted without any guilt at all.

West Landing put away the mecha and prepared to go to cross level challenge L3: “I’ll see you on the third floor underground.” There was no feeling in words that they would fail.

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