WFILTU Chapter 463 – Argument V

“It’s just that Jiao Jiao is still young. When Jiao Jiao is 20 years old next year, let them get married. His father and I are not young either. We want to have a grandson as soon as possible. I will be content to have a child in my old life. Hahaha!” Mother Lin laughed happily.

Other people’s eyes gradually become confused, have children? Was it possible Lin Zhihua……didn’t have any problems anymore?

For a moment, Li Sitong’s face became ugly. She inhaled deeply and calmed her tone: “They have just started dating. Jiao Jiao is still studying. Let’s not be in a hurry. At least wait until Jiao Jiao graduates from university. We also can’t decide on matters of their marriage.”

Mother Lin patted Li Sitong’s hand with a sad face: “I know that, but Zhihua is not young. He was not willing to fall in love before, so there are some ugly rumors outside. Getting married early and having a child can stop the crowd’s mouth, and it will also be less hard on Jiao Jiao.”

Li Sitong couldn’t help but draw back her hand and said with a smile, “Her father and I can’t be her master. It depends on her. Moreover, those rumors are false. Sooner or later, they will be defeated by themselves. There’s no need to hurry to prove it.”

She was so angry that her liver hurted. What kind of words were these?

In order to correct Lin Zhihua’s name, Jiao Jiao had to marry Lin Zhihua at the young age of 20?

Li Sitong’s attitude changed Mother Lin’s face, which was not very good-looking.

Sister Xu hurried to round the scene: “Those rumors outside can’t be taken as true. Zhihua will get married sooner or later. There’s no need to care too much about them.”

“That’s right, that’s right, don’t mind them.”

“How can you listen to those rumors!”

“Isn’t that right.”


Mother Lin sneered in her heart. Didn’t you guys pass it on too.

She must look for her face back today!

“Everything about our Zhihua is good, but he’s just a little cold. Now he finally has a crush on a girl. Coincidentally, I also like Jiao Jiao of Sitong’s family. It’s also good to get married early. There’s still three years before graduation. At that time, Zhihua will be 31!” Mother Lin looked at Li Sitong with a sad face.

Li Sitong tried hard to pull out a small smile: “Jiao Jiao is too young. It’s not urgent to get married. Zhihua is not considered too old. In this era, young people get married later.”

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“I like Jiao Jiao very much, but there are too many variables for young people now. Jiao Jiao still has three years to graduate. She is at school every day and Zhihua is at work. If he sees another girl I don’t like, it will be a waste of time! I like Jiaojiao too much, so I’d better make a decision early. I’m relieved that Zizania will be 20 in August next year, and then we will have a big show!” Mother Lin laughed again and turned her bracelet.

Li Sitong breathed heavily: “I won’t be the master of the children, and it’s really early to get married next year.”

Mother Lin’s face became colder. For a moment, she stood up and said with a smile, “Sitong, by the way, I have a gift for you. I just forgot it in the car. Let’s go and get it together.”

Li Sitong stood up and said, “Ok.”

She also doesn’t want to stay inside.

When the two of them went out, almost as soon as they walked out of the gate, Madam Lin looked at Li Sitong sternly: “Sitong, I also like you very much. His father and I don’t have any views. Zhihua likes Jiao Jiao, so we support it, but don’t you know what’s spread outside about Zhihua right now? Only by arranging the marriage can we correct his name. If you just refuse me directly, it will make people think Zhihua really has a problem. Otherwise, why do you hide from the marriage!”

Li Sitong breathed deeply: “This is not a problem for Zhihua. How can we arrange their marriage without the consent of Jiao Jiao and Zhihua? Moreover, Jiao Jiao is only a freshman this year! In August next year, she is still not a junior yet!”

“Do you think Zhihua must have your family’s Jiao Jiao only? You can’t just stand on the position of Jiao Jiao, but you should also think about Zhihua’s position!” Mother Lin’s face was completely cold.

Li Sitong refused to be outdone: “Lin Zhihua never told me that he wanted to marry Jiao Jiao next year.”

“Zhihua is in good health. He doesn’t have to have your Gu Xuejiao only.” Mother Lin’s eyes narrowed.

“Then you tell Lin Zhihua.”

With that, Li Sitong turned and left.

She was very angry, but she also knew that she had offended Mother Lin today.

Li Sitong took a taxi to Cheng Shuo’s office and told him everything.

“I offended Mother Lin……but I really don’t want Jiao Jiao to get married so early……”

Cheng Shuo’s forehead vein jumped up and he pushed everything on the table to the ground——

“You did right! What does she mean? In order to prove that Lin Zhihua has no problem, let Jiao Jiao marry him for everyone to see? Can this be proved? Will Jiao Jiao give Lin Zhihua a child to prove it next? !”

Li Sitong was stunned. Just now, she was only thinking about getting married next year. She didn’t think about it thoroughly.

If she gets married next year, will she have to compromise and have a baby next year?

“As I said before, Jiao Jiao is still young, so don’t speak about them dating to the public yet. Mother Lin is really deceiving people too much!”

Cheng Shuo looks at Li Sitong——

“Sitong, send a message to Jiao Jiao. Don’t take Lin Zhihua’s car back tonight. I’ll pick her up!”

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