WFILTU Chapter 464 – Love you I

Li Sitong told Xue Jiao that she was not allowed to take Lin Zhihua’s car at night. Wait for Cheng Shuo to come pick her up, Xue Jiao was confused.

She wasn’t allowed to take Lin Zhihua’s car?


How did Lin Zhihua provoke them?

In the evening, Xue Jiao walked out of the school gate with doubts. Lin Zhihua was standing in a familiar position.

Xue Jiao opened her mouth and wanted to ask him what had happened: “Zhihua……”

But just as she spoke, a voice interrupted her——

“Jiao Jiao, come here!”

Looking back, Xue Jiao saw Cheng Shuo.

She hesitated for a moment, then turned around, looked at Lin Zhihua in doubt, and finally walked to Cheng Shuo.

“Dad, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing. Get in the car first.” Cheng Shuo smiled, reached out and rubbed the top of Xue Jiao’s head, and opened the door.

Xue Jiao sat in and looked at Lin Zhihua again. The other party was obviously confused and was coming with steps.

Cheng Shuo started the car and swiped over from Lin Zhihua’s side.

“Dad……did Zhihua do anything wrong?” Xue Jiao asked tentatively.

Cheng Shuo drove seriously and whispered, “he didn’t do anything wrong, but the mistakes of his family can only be counted on him.”

“Ah?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

Then she thought of Lin Zhihua’s family. She had been with Lin Zhihua for some time, and she had not had much contact with his family.

But Xue Jiao knew that Lin Zhihua has a tyrannical grandfather who almost killed him and disagreed with Lin Zhihua and her relationship.

His relatives didn’t really treat him sincerely. Fortunately, these relatives were suppressed by Lin Zhihua, and no one dared to make an attempt.

But his parents……

Xue Jiao has met them once before, and her impression was very strange.

Lin Zhihua’s feelings towards his parents were also relatively flat. He supported his parents normally, but there was no need to be superfluous.

It was against his parents who were waving the flag of loving Zhihua, but always left a bad impression on him.

“Did his parents do anything?” Xue Jiao questioned.

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His grandfather was locked up, and the other relatives dared not say anything, so only his parents were left.

Cheng Shuo was stunned. Obviously, he didn’t expect Xue Jiao to guess it on the spot.

He was silent for a moment and suddenly asked Xue Jiao, “Jiao Jiao, love or to say, is Lin Zhihua important to you?”

“Important.” Xue Jiao nodded without hesitation.

Cheng Shuo’s heart tightened and he continued to ask, “Would you be willing to sacrifice anything for Lin Zhihua?”

Xue Jiao didn’t understand why he asked, but she replied honestly——

“If it’s a proper sacrifice……yes.”

Cheng Shuo’s expression has completely changed. He has always felt that Jiao Jiao was quite rational. Why……

Xue Jiao continued: “Love is the matter of two people. If it is to continue on forever, then they will get along well for decades. How can two people live together without compromise? How can you also not meet something that requires compromise? I can’t really let him compromise for me forever. That which requires me to do it for him, I am willing to do it.”

She smiled from the corners of her mouth. She knew all that Lin Zhihua had done for her.

He was willing to walk a hundred steps for her, but only begged her to look back at him.

But Xue Jiao didn’t want to. When she was sure of her heart, she would also be willing to walk towards him.

Cheng Shuo was stunned. At the traffic light, he stopped and looked at Xue Jiao..

“Does this sacrifice include marrying him and having children when you turn 20 next year?”

Xue Jiao looked at Cheng Shuo and chuckled: “Are Zhihua’s parents urging him to get married? Dad, don’t worry, Zhihua won’t.”

Cheng Shuo didn’t like to hear his daughter trust another man so much in front of him. He couldn’t help saying, “What if Lin Zhihua asked strongly? ! Would you promise him?”

This time Xue Jiao shook her head firmly: “No, the necessary sacrifice is not to give up all sacrifices. Love is a part of life, a very important part, but it’s also only a part. There are also relatives, friends, career, and dreams. Dad, don’t worry, I understand, and……”


“And Zhihua wont let me make such a choice.” Xue Jiao was certain that he had never put her in a difficult position.

Even if he liked her……he endured it silently for a long time

Cheng Shuo stopped talking. Xue Jiao thought clearly, and his worries were over.

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