WFILTU Chapter 465 – Love you II

When the car drove a long way, Cheng Shuo could not help asking, “How’s school recently?”

Xue Jiao, with bright eyes, replied excitedly: “At last, we have some direction, but the three of us are going to slow down the pace a bit. After all, the final exams are coming soon. On senior sister Zhang Han’s side, it’s also the same situation. She recently followed a leader to work on a research project, and she will not start our project until after the winter vacation! But at last, we have a direction. Dad, let me tell you, today we……”

Cheng Shuo listened to Xue Jiao with a smile and nodded from time to time.

Behind them, a familiar car followed them.

After Lin Zhihua was taken away from Xue Jiao, he immediately got on the car and called Chen Yan——

“Check what happened in the Cheng family today!”

Then he paused and continued, “It may have something to do with me.”

With that, Lin Zhihua started the car to catch up with them. It was not until he reached the Cheng family that the phone rang.

Lin Zhihua immediately picked it up. Chen Yan on the other end of the phone spoke very fast——

“At present, it has been found that Madam Li Sitong met with some other wives in the afternoon. You……your mother was there too.”

“Bang——” Lin Zhihua smashed his fist on the steering wheel, and his face sank immediately.

Time was too tight to discover much, but Lin Zhihua could infer everything as soon as he heard that Li Sitong had met with Mother Lin.

Having invited so many people and having tried every means to call Li Sitong over, it was nothing more than to “correct his name”.

As for the conversation with Li Sitong, it is mostly about urging marriage and having children.

Lin Zhihua’s expression was so serious that his eyes were dark.

“I really indulged them too much!”

The car soon drove to the door of Cheng’s house. Cheng Shuo’s car stopped outside. Cheng Mingze stood at the door and took away Xue Jiao.

Cheng Shuo was left standing where he was, apparently waiting for him.

Lin Zhihua drove the car over and got off: “Uncle Cheng.”

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“President Lin, you are considered on the same level as me, uncle is unnecessary.” Cheng Shuo’s flesh smiled, but not from the heart.

Lin Zhihua’s mouth was a little bitter. His previous efforts were almost wasted.

“Uncle Cheng, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

Seeing that he had no sophistry, Cheng Shuo looked better, but said seriously, “Your parents are the most unstable factor. How can I trust you with Xue Jiao?”


Cheng Shuo interrupted: “I am a father, a selfish father, so don’t feel wronged. I will only stand in the perspective of not letting Xue Jiao be wronged.”

Lin Zhihua’s eyes were serious: “I don’t feel wronged, but I feel very angry. You must believe that I’m not much happier than you.”

Cheng Shuo snorted and finally looked at him and said, “Those are your parents. They are confused but they care about you. You can’t completely abandon them. In that case, how can you ensure that Jiao Jiao won’t be hurt in the process of contacting them?”

“No, it won’t happen.” Lin Zhihua’s voice was firm. “This time was my inconsideration. I have been too busy to ignore them recently, so that they have had leisure to intervene in these matters.”

Cheng Shuo finally loosened his brow. He thought for a while and said, “Your parents hope you can get married and have children next year. Jiao Jiao is still young. In recent years, they certainly won’t consider this. If you want a son, you can find somebody and get married quickly.”

Lin Zhihua’s voice was firm: “I’m not in a hurry. I can wait for however many years necessary.”

Of course, he wanted to marry Jiao Jiao now. Just thinking about these two words, he felt soft hearted.

When he thought of “Jiao Jiao” becoming “wife”, he just felt that his heart had melted and his life was complete.

But he would respect Jiao Jiao. It was still early for her to get married.

“Lin Zhihua, I have to put the Cheng family’s attitude before you. Before she graduates from college, I can’t agree for you guys to get married, nor can you guys be engaged.” Cheng Shuo looked at him with a serious face.

“Ok.” Lin Zhihua slowly opened his mouth and answered.

Cheng Shuo took a deep look at him, turned around and entered the community.

Lin Zhihua stood in place, a little lonely.

After a moment, her phone vibrated slightly——

[Jiao Jiao: Darling, go back early today. Don’t worry too much. Let’s have dinner together tomorrow, love!]

This sentence was followed by a kiss expression meme.

Lin Zhihua smiled, and the corners of his mouth were raised high, just like walking from ice and snow to spring.

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