WFILTU Chapter 466 – Love you III

Father Lin stood up angrily and gasped: “What does she mean? She only considers Gu Xuejiao and doesn’t care about Zhihua’s embarrassing situation? !”

Mother Lin sighed and sat down on the sofa: “Looking at her meaning, Gu Xuejiao would not consider getting married in the next few years.”

“Do they think Zhihua must have her daughter?” Lin Changping’s eyes bulged. “What are they using to impress? Zhihua is in good health now. What kind of woman could he not get? ! Their family against our family. That’s a climb in status!”

Mother Lin continued to sigh and said nothing.

“Tomorrow! Tomorrow we will start arranging meetings with girls for Zhihua!”

Mother Lin’s face changed. She quickly stood up and comforted Lin Changping: “This cannot be done! Have you forgotten how much Zhihua rejected us when we went to find him a blind date? In case he was offended again……”

“You are stupid, we can not tell him!”

“How do you introduce without telling him?” Mother Lin looked puzzled.

“You bring the girl……” before Lin Changping finished speaking, the door was opened from outside.

A dozen people in black entered side by side in two rows, with an amazing momentum.

Then, there was Chen Yan with a briefcase, and then there was Lin Zhihua with a calm face wearing a suit.

“Zhi……Zhihua……what are you doing?” Mother Lin was startled.

Lin Zhihua stepped in and stood in front of them without saying anything.

Chen Yan immediately opened his briefcase, took out a piece of paper and said loudly——

“Mister Lin, Madam, these ten bodyguards are highly professional. The two elders can choose four of them. From today on, the four bodyguards will follow the two elders. If the two elders go to places they shouldn’t or meet with people they shouldn’t, the bodyguards will stop the two elders. Here are the details of the ten bodyguards. Take a look and choose them as soon as possible.”

Lin Changping and Mother Lin were stunned. What do they mean?

Chen Yan continued with a flat-paneled voice: “At the same time, all the sources of funds of the two elders in China will be frozen. In the future, the living expenses of the next month will be arranged according to the performance of the two elders every month.”

“What……what do you mean?” Mother Lin looked unbelieving. “Are you looking for someone to watch our moves? !”

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Lin Changping covered his heart and shook his voice: “Unfilial son!”

Lin Zhihua said softly, “I have given you countless opportunities, but you still want to interfere in my affairs. I said, you are not allowed to interfere in my affairs. Since you have never changed your ways, I can only find someone to look after you.”

“You, you, you, you……”

“I will visit you every month. Don’t come to me at other times. If you have any other expenses or physical problems, you can go to the bodyguard, who will report to me.” Lin Zhihua said calmly.

“You treat your parents like this just for a woman? Don’t you want your parents?” Mother Lin was full of tears and didn’t believe it.

Lin Zhihua said softly, “I did not do this only for Jiao Jiao, but also for myself. I really indulge you two too much.”


It really couldn’t be seen.

Lin Changping and Mother Lin gave birth to him, but it was his grandma who raised him.

They said they loved him every day, but they also kept meddling in his affairs, causing him all kinds of injuries and have never changed.

Grandma died, and the old man almost killed him.

To provide for them was to do his utmost.

“Hurry up and choose someone.” Lin Zhihua’s voice was steady. With that, he strode out.

Lin Changping’s voice came from behind: “Beast! ! You are so ruthless, how did I gave birth to a piece of thing like you!”

Lin Zhihua stopped and looked back: “I’m sorry, you really gave birth to such a ruthless son. In addition, you should reflect on yourself. If you disturb Jiao Jiao again, you will not only have no daughter-in-law, but also no son at a prosperous old age.”

He strode away, sneering his mouth, and then looked out at the dark sky, not knowing where to go.

For a moment, his steps moved firmly in one direction.

In the sky, the moon came out from behind the clouds again.

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