SAPPS Chapter 97

As the game drew to a close, two of the remaining military academies were approaching the finish line. Before the finish line, there was a confrontation between the two military academies, which was basically the focus of each game every year.

Pingtong Academy and Imperial Military Academy.

Pingtong Academy lost a single mecha soldier. Before the Imperial Military Academy, at the last moment, it did not hesitate to abandon the mecha engineer, leaving three single mecha soldiers. They finally gained an advantage before the end and took the lead in letting the commander arrive at the end.

After watching the game between the Imperial Military Academy and the Pingtong Academy, Jin Ke raised his hand and pressed on his forehead. The strength of the single mecha soldier of this year or the previous Damocles Military Academy was too weak, the command was only S-grade, and it was normal to lose.

The next one.……Jin Ke stared at the cheering military cadets on the light projection. He wanted to at least get in the first three places.

“I’ll go pick them up.” Major Li Ze lowered his head to tidy up his sleeves and looked up to the headmaster.

The headmaster nodded and sighed: “those children have worked hard, especially Shen Tukun, enduring for three years.”

In the hall, except for the teacher, what was left was the next generation. The four people look at each other and obviously have their own goals.

“You don’t have to get a good ranking.” The headmaster turned to look at the children. “It’s most important for you to protect yourself. I don’t want to see people make unnecessary sacrifices, especially in the next competition.”

The following teachers spoke to the four students one after another.

Jin Ke hesitated before leaving.

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“Do you have something to say?” Xiang Minghua pointed out.

“I have a friend who wants to be a shooter on the school team.” Jin Ke paused. “Can you relax the requirements a little?”

It was unknown why, but Jin Ke thinks he will feel at ease with Wei San. However, he has been studying the resumption of various command campaigns recently. He doesn’t know about Wei San and Ding Hemei. According to the level of Star 3212, Wei San seems to have been in the upper middle grade all the time. Maybe she can join the school team, but the shooter position is a little forced.

Major Li Ze objected first: “This is a competition.”

The headmaster waved his hand: “Which of your friends, let’s hear it. She must have her own advantages.”

“Her name is Wei San.” As soon as Jin Ke said the name, the faces of the people around him changed a little and they looked at Li Ze one after another.

Li Ze frowned: “The student who flipped over the wall and went to the bar?”

Jin Ke knew about this, but in his opinion, Wei San won’t go to the bar. She is so stingy that she can’t pay for drinks without being invited.

Maybe it’s a cover up. It’s estimated that the expert asked to meet there.

Thinking of this, Jin Ke knew why he wanted Wei San to join the school team. With her, he could feel inexplicably safe at the thought of the master behind her!

“You don’t have to speak. She can enter by herself.” Xiang Minghua smiled. “She must be the next shooter, or I’ll give her my Blood Drops in vain.”

Li Ze squinted: “Did you give Blood Drops to an ordinary student?”

Ever since he was bored and went out with Wei San and found her drinking in a bar, Major Li Ze had a bad impression of Wei San. As a student, she didn’t do her job and indulged in fun.

However, those who have been promoted from A-grade to S-grade have different feelings for the original A-grade. After all, the mecha has been accompanied throughout their youth.

“It’s useless for me to keep it. The school mecha is not suitable for Wei San. So I just gave it to her.” Xiang Minghua said with a smile, “I think she can play Blood Drops to the fullest.”

“Alright, since she can enter, Jin Ke, you don’t have to worry.” The headmaster scattered the crowd.

Out of Beiwang building, Ying Chenghe suddenly said to Jinke, “You’ve crossed the line.”

Pushing a grade A student in front of everyone.

Jin Ke shrugged: “I mentioned the name of Wei San. As long as she has slightly impressed the principals and teachers, she can have more opportunities.”

The best resources of the military academy were allocated to grade S students, and the rest were for grade A students. Jin Ke just mentioned it casually.

“Now it seems that you didn’t need to mention it.” Ying Chenghe calmly stated.

“This is for the best. I’ll see her training strength another day.” Jin Ke held Ying Chenghe, “you too.”

“What am I going to do?”

“She must want to see you, S-grade mecha engineering division!”

“It’s 3S.”


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