WFILTU Chapter 512 – Emotional Intelligence I

Professor Tan has always been looking forward to Gu Xuejiao, this student.

As early as at the beginning of the competition, he noticed that this student had some talent and also worked very hard.

This student has also never let him down. She worked hard and adhered to her own direction. Even if everyone didn’t support her to work on the physics project, she still went because she liked it.

It is easier to continue on for a long time if you have both persistence and liking in your heart.

After that, Professor Tan explained all the projects he was working on this year and introduced them to Xue Jiao one by one. He also spoke about the following arrangements again to see if Xue Jiao was interested.

Xue Jiao thought for a moment and replied, “En……Professor Tan, can I shadow you for the following year?”

She winked playfully: “Don’t worry, I’m a very competent assistant!”

Professor Tan was stunned for a moment and was silent for a moment before replying: “No matter how, I will have more or less chores, and I have lectures. You also have classes yourself. Shadowing me……is not the most efficient.”

Xue Jiao was really in a bit of a pinch now. If she was asked to work on the project in Professor Tan’s hands, it was obvious that she was not very willing to undertake these projects. She completed a lot of projects, and currently she only hoped to continue her studies.

It was better to follow Professor Tan and study between various projects and research than to complete more projects.

But there were also the problems that Professor Tan spoke about.

Xue Jiao slightly wrung her eyebrows: “I temporarily want to abstain from projects and research. I want to learn more and gain more experience……”

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Professor Tan seemed to think of something and suddenly looked up: “Wait a moment. Have a good rest first. I’ll take you to see my teacher at the weekend and see if I can make a good arrangement for you.”

Xue Jiao was stunned and understood that Professor Tan was doing it for her own good. She immediately thanked him: “Thank you, professor……”

She had no regrets about choosing the Mathematics Department of Tsinghua University, where she always wanted to follow her Professor, Tan Zhongying.

This professor supported her. No matter how incredible her decision seemed to others, Professor Tan always supported her.

This thank you was her most sincere gratitude.

Professor Tan just smiled and said, “If you young people are doing well, then us old people will naturally be happy.”

Xue Jiao saw that he exposed a smile. Her eyes were moved, but her emotions soon became firm.

She will definitely live up to Professor Tan’s expectations!

“Alright, if you don’t have anything to do, you can continue busying about. I don’t need your help for the time being.”

“Ok, goodbye, Professor Tan.” Xue Jiao stood up, cleaned up the cups she drank on the table, and then turned away.

Professor Tan knocked his hand on the paper on the desk and stood up slowly.

He had such a strong student, who was so calm and enterprising, how could he not have a “discussion” with his old enemy Professor Liu?

As for the number of cups left in Professor Liu’s office after the chat, it was not within Professor Tan’s consideration.


Before the sensation of this paper had dissipated, Chu Sheng informed Xue Jiao to accept an interview.

This interview was from a serious official organization. Zhang Han and the others would also attend. The interview place was set in the small laboratory of their school.

This small laboratory has witnessed their hard work in the past year and was also the place where they became famous.

They haven’t gathered together ever since the end of last semester.

Xue Jiao, Chu Sheng and Zheng Jiakun attended the same school. No matter how, they would be able to see each other at least once or twice a week. Zhang Han and Yang Zhan, however, did not see each other again.

It was a rare opportunity that brought all these busy people together.

Like the previous experiments, the three of them came first, but Zhang Han and Yang Zhan, who used to come together, came separately.

Zhang Han arrived first, but Yang Zhan came in after a long time.

Xue Jiao scrutinized Zhang Han and Yang Zhan in doubt. She thought something was wrong, but she couldn’t tell what it was.

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