WFILTU Chapter 514 – Emotional Intelligence III

Lin Zhihua still wanted to continue, yet Xue Jiao’s mobile phone rang. She answered, glanced at it, her eyes widening.


Xue Jiao quickly stood up and explained while taking her coat: “Zhihua, you keep eating. I’m full. Senior sister Zhang Han wants to see me. I’m going to look for her.”

“Wait, I’ll send you——”

Xue Jiao had already left his office, and her voice traversed back: “No need, I’ll ask Tan Qi to send me off.”

Lin Zhihua glanced at her and shook his head helplessly.

Zhang Han was waiting for Xue Jiao at the Starbucks outside the school. By the time she arrived, Zhang Han had been waiting for more than 20 minutes. This “madman” who regarded time as life rarely sat in a place in a daze and wasted time like this.

“Senior sister, you’ve waited.” Xue Jiao sat down opposite her and took off her coat.

Zhang Han seemed to recover and shook her head: “it’s nothing.”

She paused and said, “I’m looking for you.….. it’s also nothing much.”

Xuejiao: “……”

“Senior sister, it doesn’t seem like you have nothing.” Xue Jiao’s voice carried a hint of laughter.

Zhang Han hurriedly replied : “it’s really nothing, eh……you don’t need to call me senior sister. I only have one friend. Just call me Zhang Han.”

Xue Jiao nodded, not pretending to be polite, “alright ah, Zhang Han.”

Some people’s auras were in agreement, and they will almost be in tune when they first meet.

Both of them were very busy and would rather spend time enriching themselves than making friends.

“I’ll buy you a cup of coffee. I’ll take you back after we finish.” Zhang Han whispered and smiled.

Xue Jiao looked at her and tentatively questioned, “Zhang Han…… Are you having worries regarding Yang Zhan?”

Zhang Han was stunned, her eyes widened, and her face unbelievable: ” you know?!”

Xue Jiao: “……” No, she didn’t know. Lin Zhihua knew.

She thought for a moment and then asked, “is it because Yang Zhan likes you that it makes you very upset?”

The expression on Zhang Han’s face instantly became frightened. The frigid senior sister was obviously frightened: “you, you you…… You know?!”

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Xue Jiao felt her chin and looked inscrutable: “Zhang Han, you also like senior brother Yang Zhan right……”

Zhang Han stood up rapidly and stuttered as if she had been stabbed by something: “Xue Xue……Xue Jiao , don’t talk nonsense……”

Xue Jiao sat up straight and looked mysterious: “Senior sister, I’m not talking nonsense. Your expression told me!”

She spoke spot on, Zhang Hans expression told her——

Lin Zhihua was f****** right on point for everything.

Zhang Han sat back, thought for a moment, and dragged her chair to Xuejiao.

She lowered her voice: “Jiao Jiao, you are so smart and have a high EQ……”

Zhang Han’s voice is quite envious and her face pieous.

Xue Jiao: “……”

Xue Jiao felt extremely guilty when she was gazed at by this powerful senior sister.

But……this seemed to make senior sister Zhang Han feel more at ease?

Hence, Xue Jiao nodded: “senior sister Zhang Han, why are you hiding from senior brother Yang Zhan? Tell me if you have any troubles, and I’ll find a way for you!”

Zhang Han was a little embarrassed, but she thought that Xuejiao’s EQ was so high and so “smart” that she might have a way.

“Just…… Yang Zhan said he liked me. He ……Is so young……”

Zhang Han was four years older than Yang Zhan. In this age, although there was nothing bad to speak about sister brother love, some people would still care about it more or less.

“It’s not too bad. There’s nothing wrong with an age difference……”

“He is four years younger than me, and I have decided to devote my life to science. Feelings are a time-consuming thing.” Thinking of this, Zhang Han frowned, “look, I can’t work well because of these things recently!”

Xue Jiao was stunned for a moment. Before she said anything, Zhang Han could not wait to hold Xue Jiao’s hand: “Xue Jiao, please teach me how not to worry, how not to be troubled by feelings?” 1*girl same… I would seriously like to know too

Zhang Han’s eyes were serious. Obviously, she was expecting Xue Jiao to help her solve her troubles with her “high EQ”.

Xue Jiao also looked back at Zhang Han seriously and professed to her expectant eyes——

“Senior sister Zhang Han, don’t you know……My boyfriend is nine years older than me?”

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