WFILTU Chapter 515 – Relieved I

Xue Jiao’s words were very serious and calm, but they scared Zhang Han very much.

“What…… What……” she gaped.

Xue Jiao calmly affirmed: “Senior sister, you’ve met my boyfriend before. He is nine years older than me.”

Zhang Han did see Lin Zhihua before, but it was at night, and the lights were half bright and half dark.

Moreover, when Lin Zhihua came to pick up Xue Jiao, he seldom wore suits and leather shoes. He was so good-looking that he didn’t look much older than Xue Jiao.

Zhang Han was silent for a long time and choked out: “Xue Jiao…… Why are you with him……”

“Because I like him, and he suits me very well.” Xue Jiao smiled from the bottom of her eyes, sweet and sugary.

Zhang Han couldn’t remember that face, but it’s a man who could make Xue Jiao smile. When she thought about it, she also thought he was a good man.

“But…… Love is a waste of time……” Zhang Han was originally determined to contribute herself to science, and Yang Zhan was just an accident.

Xue Jiao shook her head: “it’s not too bad. Do you think I’m bothered by the delay caused by love? When I’m free, I go to his office, and then we go to his office and have dinner together. Sometimes I find time to date him in my spare time. En…… this is something I’m very happy about and look forward to…”

Zhang Han was stunned, staring at a place in trance.

“Senior sister Zhang Han, we have been working hard for science for a lifetime, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have other lives. Feelings can be a part of life. We don’t force ourselves when it doesn’t come, and we don’t fear and avoid it when it does.” Xue Jiao chuckled.

Zhang Han was still a little afraid, this was the range she has never touched in the past 20 years.

“But…… He’s so much younger than me, and I’m still afraid……”

Xue Jiao picked up her coffee and took a sip: “if you like him, you can consider him, but it doesn’t mean that you must be together if you like him. If he really likes you and really suits you, you will feel that you also want to be with him forever.”

This made Zhang Han enter deep into her thoughts. She was seriously thinking about Yang Zhan as a person……

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“In fact…… I feel very happy to stay with him. Sometimes…… I would think about him if I don’t see him after a long time, but I would also be very upset, just like now.” Zhang Han’s eyes were empty. “I don’t know if I’m suitable for him, and I’ve never been in touch with love. I’m afraid…… I can’t do it well.”

“Senior sister, there is nothing good or bad about feelings. The future partner is a very important part of our life. We can’t be anxious, impulsive, or make a decision we regret for life in a hurry.”

Xue Jiao’s eyes are serious: “but you also don’t need to be so tied up. It’s also very important to cherish the people in front of you.”

Zhang Han looked at her with empty eyes, but it was apparent she had listened sincerely.

“Senior sister, do you know why I took such a long leave when we first met?” Xue Jiao suddenly questioned.

Zhang Han was stunned, shook her head, and felt a little embarrassed.

When she first met, she thought Xue Jiao was not dedicated, but in fact, it was only after a long period of contact that she discovered that she misunderstood her. Xue Jiao could not be more dedicated.

Xue Jiao smiled and her eyes turned red again: “because I have a friend……”

She slowly opened her mouth and spoke about Shu Lan.

Shu Lan’s departure left an indelible mark in the hearts of Xue Jiao and the three of them. They will think of the person in the dead of night, and then they will burst into tears when they think of her.

Xue Jiao finished her story, Zhang Han’s eyes were red, and she slowly opened her mouth: “sorry……”

If she had known why the girl in front of her didn’t come, she would never have treated her that way.

They had known each other for a year, and it was only now that Xue Jiao told Zhang Han why she had asked for leave.

Xue Jiao wiped the corners of her eyes and looked at Zhang Han and spoke softly, “I don’t know how you really feel when you are with Yang Zhan, but I hope you will not regret every decision you make, make wrong decisions, or miss the people in front of you.”

Zhang Han nodded and held Xue Jiao’s hand tightly.

She should think about her relationship with Yang Zhan. Xue Jiao was right. She can’t make decisions impulsively, but there’s no need to worry and fear too much.

Don’t hurry when it doesn’t come. Don’t hide when it does come.

“Jiaojiao, thank you. You’re a good girl.” Zhang Han sincerely asserted.

To sum it up, Xue Jiao was also her first friend. She was very lucky to meet Xue Jiao and know Xue Jiao.

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