SAPPS Chapter 139

“You Dan, a light mecha soldier, fired 5963 shots and hit 5790 shots total.”

“This is quite a good hand.”

Chen Ci nodded: “At present, among the ten shooters, his hand speed ranks first, and the number of his hits is also the highest.”

She attributed the students from first rank on downward. Chen Ci’s eyes fell on the name of the lowest ranked Wei San: “Wei San, medium-sized mecha, 1003 shots, 997 hits.”

“This hand is way too slow, new student?”

“Her hit rate is higher than first place, 99.4%, while first place only has a 97% accuracy rate.

“However, her shots fired are several times less than the first place, her rate would naturally be higher.”

After listening to the discussion, Chen Ci did not explain that the three bullets were wasted on herself, but continued to analyze the students.

“This is the effective attack number of the top ten mecha soldiers.”

That is, the number of times and the effective number of attacks on the laser beast in addition to bullets.

The people’s eyes went down one by one.

“Yi, why did Wei San enter again?”

“1565 attacks, valid 1565 times.”

“Has her ratio reached 100%?”

Some teachers could not sit still and asked Chen Ci, “What’s the situation? Isn’t she the shooter in the team?”

The number of attacks by the students who were shooters had dropped to below 600 except for Wei San.

“Present the video that was recorded.”

Chen Ci lowered her eyes and pressed a few buttons on her light brain: “This.”

This video would allow them to not only see the team of Wei San, but also the teachers who were in the dark.

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All teachers watched the start, Wei San’s team performed pretty well, the command responded quickly, and the other team members cooperated harmoniously, but later on, Wei San began to get impatient and rushed forward against the laser beasts.

The teachers on the scene could not help but frown. Reckless mecha soldiers on the battlefield were the most likely to have accidents.

Then the people saw that she took out a light knife to deal with the laser beast. They suddenly realized that she was a medium-sized mecha soldier.

But on second thought: there was still a teacher attacking in the dark. Wasn’t she a moving live target in the front?

In the next second, they saw that the gun on Wei San’s right hand had not been placed down, and yet her movements were still very fluent.

The whole team rushed forward quickly.

Each teacher was in a complicated mood. If they were to say that she was in the wrong, yet she had no wrongs and she even performed very well, but they always thought that there was something strange.

Especially the teammates behind her who began to relax.

They couldn’t stand this look.

All the teachers had a thought of unification.

Later on, they saw Chen Ci enter, and nodded subconsciously. They didn’t think there was anything wrong.

It wasn’t until Wei San asked the examiner why she could come in that all the teachers reacted. This was not in line with the rules.

In the next minute, Chen Ci shot Wei San with bullets, one after another, and the illusions of the teachers dispersed a little: this was more like it.

But before their thoughts had dispersed, they saw that Wei San had fought back.


“Those bullets she missed came like this?”

Chen Ci promptly turned off the video: “She is very balanced in all aspects. There is no bad aspect. She is careful and prompt in her actions. Every bullet was not wasted.”

She began to think that Wei San had a talent for shooting, but now it seems that…… that was not quite it, but instead, her two aspects were very balanced.

“We can bring up Wei San to Jin Ke, maybe it will be useful in the match.”

“I remember that Jin Ke knew Wei San. They seemed to be friends.”

“I have a feeling that she may reach the super A grade.” Chen Ci came down.

Super A was not machine testable, but came about as an artificial definition after many years of observation and summary. The machine perception test only had a rough division. There were still stronger and weaker personas in the A grade. In fact, in recent years, some people have pointed out that the machine perception was not accurate enough and think that the grades should be subdivided.

“Wei San only came into contact with grade A mechas this semester. Her progress is really too fast. If she reaches the Super A grade, our school team can score another point safely.”

The school team could only use A grade mechas, but like the Imperial Military School who has more S-grade students, they will often assign one S-grade student to use A-grade mecha.

They were all grade A mechas, but S-grade soldiers could give full play to the performance of A-grade mechas, and the difference between the two could be vividly displayed in the competition.

“Chen Ci, you take Wei San out for personal training, and then she will be the chief soldier of the school team.”


Wei San didn’t know that she was going to have another title. She was bored watching Yu Qingfei’s painting aesthetics.

Color or not color, good-looking or not, she doesn’t have much interest. But Yu Qingfei talks about painting aesthetics, and would draw the parts of the mecha in his book. She pieced them together and figured out that it was actually a mecha.

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