SOOEW Chapter 397 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game L

“Why do you say that?” He frowned slightly and said, “I know you feel wronged on the matter of this spirit, but if you were an ordinary member, you would be treated the same. Don’t you know since you have been in Wushuang for so long?”

“Stop causing trouble.”

This was the unanimous decision made by him and the guild’s senior management after discussion. Since the copy of “ghost cave” could gather a soul, as long as the organization members redid the mission several more times, there will always be drops. The props that can open the main line mission were of great significance to any guild. If they can get it at the minimum cost, why not?

They have made such a choice in countless resolutions in the past, and it was really not worth mentioning.

His natural attitude made her lower her eyelids. “So, I’m no different from others in your heart.”

This sentence made his heart feel as if he had been pinched by someone for no reason, and for a moment, he felt more inexpressible.

He looked at her and suddenly became silent. “You……”

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“Did the president see the guild channel?” She asked suddenly.

“What’s the matter?”

Hearing her mention this, Mobei Eagle subconsciously opened the guild channel.

The channel was full of a cheering atmosphere, but in addition to cheering, there were also voices of dissatisfaction from some people.

“It’s too much. She’s taking revenge by taking advantage of her own interests. She’s not satisfied with the arrangement made by the president, and she’s deliberately killing the president!”

“The spirit is not hers. Unless she is a senior veteran with special contributions, who gives her this confidence? She can’t get the equipment, and she plays tricks while the guild is facing such an important thing. Fortunately, the president has good skills and made great efforts to turn the tide.”

“That right, she didn’t do anything for the guild, yet she took it for granted that the equipment was hers. Why is she so arrogant!”

“Is the ‘Number one beauty’ really so great?”

Mobei Eagle was surprised to hear so many members dissatisfied with her. Even he became a little impatient, so that the warning audio in the nutrition cabin sounded, reminding him that he was mentally and physically exhausted. He had to go offline as soon as possible, but he didn’t.

He only heard her ask: “Who does the president think that, besides you, is the best person to attract the boss?”

“Were you really harmed by me?”

“Or did I not get the boss for the guild?”

After she asked him several questions in succession, he shook his head.

When he proposed to take her with him, he actually meant to end up attending the battle in person. After the promotion of the demon, their field control skills were very strong. He hoped that she would help him do auxiliary work. In the process of fighting, she did cover for him, but it was different from what was agreed to at the beginning. However, he understood that since the command was given to her temporarily, the commander could adjust the operation plan according to the situation.

Although he was not unaware of her intention to vent her anger on him, she would slow down every time so she could evade attacks for him, and would help control the boss only after he was hit

But she commanded well, and Wushuang grabbed the boss and got the map.

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