WFILTU Chapter 522 – Academician II

Yi Tianyu sent a message to Lin Zhihua after getting on the plane, and then prepared to turn off the phone.

The message content was as follows——

[If you don’t treat her well, I will never let go again.]

When Lin Zhihua saw it, he sneered and calmly replied with two words——

[Don’t worry.]

He replied so quickly that Yi Tianyu had not turned off the phone at this time.

Lin Zhihua’s two words can still be considered polite, but Yi Tianyu can understand his subtext——hehe, you think too much.

Yi Tianyu: “……”

He turned off his phone, shook his head, and his eyes were complicated.

Lin Zhihua didn’t tell Xue Jiao about Yi Tianyu’s message, and at this time, Xue Jiao was very nervous about going to see Professor Tan’s teacher with Professor Tan.

It was also at this time that Professor Tan told her who it is that they were going to see.

“We are going to see Academician Hu Sheng.”

Xue Jiao’s hands were carrying gifts Lin Zhihua prepared, a straight and narrow box and her eyes opened wide and with a face of disbelief.

“Academician Hu Sheng!!”

She looked rather shocked, as if she had heard some unbelievable news.

Academician Hu Sheng, the only female academician of mathematics in China, has made great achievements.

The key is……

“The Academician seems to be 90 years old this year, right?” Xue Jiao was slightly confused.

She remembered that the Academician was old, so in recent years, there was almost no news.

Professor Tan nodded and sighed: “The teacher is 91 years old this year, and healthwise…… Alas, I originally planned to take you there when you’re a graduate student, but I told the teacher about you last time, and she also wanted to see you.”

Xue Jiao looked a little moved, nobody would feel nothing when they are seeing such a big guy.

Professor Tan pushed his glasses, noticed the box on Xue Jiao and asked, “What do you have?”

Xue Jiao blinked her eyes: “A manuscript.”

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“Oh, oh, oh.” Teacher Tan nodded with satisfaction. In fact, she didn’t need to bring gifts. But the child’s own intentions, he was not able to stop her, he asked in advance because he was afraid that she was unwise and brought too valuable gifts.

Of course, after meeting Academician Hu Sheng later, his expression will not be like this.

He would wish he could go back now and have a good look at this box! Touch more before giving it away.

Academician Hu Sheng lived in the cadre’s retreat. When Professor Tan took her to the door, there were many other people inside.

Academician Hu’s husband is also an academician, but he passed away a few years ago. The people inside are her descendants and several students. Apparently, they also know Professor Tan and greet each other warmly.

An old man about the same age as Professor Tan looked at Xue Jiao and said, “Hey, is this the student you talk about every day, Gu Xuejiao?”

Gu Xuejiao stood straight, smiled and nodded: “Hello.”

She felt that the man was a little familiar, but she did not know who he was, so she could only greet him politely.

But obviously, this…… is about the same age as Professor Liu, and I’m afraid that he was not less stimulated by Professor Tan.

“Gu Xuejiao, don’t pay any attention to him. His students this year are not pulling their weight, and seeing you puts him in a bad mood.” After a pause, Mr. Tan remembered the introduction, “Oh, yes, this is Professor Li from Peking University.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

Seeing me puts him in a bad mood. I’m afraid it’s because you usually stimulate him!

Xue Jiao was brimming with so much tears that she almost cried. It was exciting to have a teacher who was pulling hatred everywhere!

At this time, an elder was pushed out. She was 90 years old, skinny, but in a good mental state, with a smile on her lips.

There was no sound in the living room, afraid that the teacher would be frightened.

The Xue Jiao who just sat down couldn’t help standing up again, with a respectful face.

“Everyone’s here……” The elder’s voice was very gentle.

“Yes, we’ve just arranged to come to see you together. We’re afraid of disturbing you if we take turns.” Professor Li went up two steps and squatted down beside Academician Hu, with a soft voice, which is completely different from what he looked like just now.

Academician Hu smiled and asked them about their recent situation one by one. Even Professor Tan sat down like a student and reported his scientific research seriously.

Then the elder turned her turbid eyes to Xue Jiao and said lovingly, “Gu Xuejiao?”

“Yes!” Xue Jiao stood up, a little nervous.

The elder feels a little uncomfortable when she speaks, so she waved. Xue Jiao rushed forward and squatted beside her.

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