SOOEW Chapter 476 – Younger Sister’s Lover XXXVIII

The words spoken from the pillow were vague, but Shan Yao still heard the word “Ah Xuan”. This intimate address appeared at this time. He suddenly remembered the scene when she and the boy opened a room in a small hotel. If he hadn’t received her message at that time, and he hadn’t arrived in time……

There was no movement in the room for a long time. Wen Ying kept herself in the dark and could only judge by voice.

She didn’t hear him leave. After a while, she suddenly felt someone lean close to her. The burning breath was close at hand, and she heard him ask in an uncontrollable low voice, “Do you want to try?”

The pillow with her face covered didn’t move.

He didn’t ask again. Wen Ying could only feel that the quilt on her body had been lifted a little. Immediately, a pair of hands reached over, dipped into her loose nightgown, and rubbed it around her waist. His skin was the opposite of hers. The thin cocoon produced by playing and catching the ball touched the delicate skin, which made her shudder.

Shan Yao has never had such an experience, and everything was just a test. However, the most awkward touch and attempt will bring people unprecedented feelings.

When she trembled sensitively, he reached down and put his hand between her snow-white thigh. She closed her hand unconsciously and clamped it. He took a light breath, “relax.” His hoarse voice was full of longing for her, “Nannan be good.”

She was comforted and relaxed a little. As his fingertip touched her most sensitive part, she slightly raised her neck, and the pillow slid to the end of her nose, revealing her beautiful chin and lips. Finally, he could not help kissing her, holding her lips and gently licking. She could not wait more than he did. She opened her mouth and sucked the tip of his tongue. Her lips and teeth were intertwined.

Shan Yao did not know what to do, but only brought her happiness by her signals and reactions.

Wen Ying’s body tensed and trembled, she carefully bit off her overflowing chant, but after being thrown to the top by surprise, she took a breath, her head was confused, and the strange feeling she had never experienced made her cry, “Shan Yao……”

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Her pillow was taken away by him. Her black hair on her forehead was messy and sweaty, and she looked at him with wet eyes. It was lovely and pathetic.

He dropped a kiss on her forehead and said, “You have tried. Don’t play again.”


She agreed.

During the time when she calmed down, he had already entered the bathroom. She sat on the bed with a pillow in her arms and asked him, “Shall I help you too?”

“No need.” His response came out from the clatter of water.

When he came out, she was half asleep with her eyes closed in her arms. She raised her eyelids at the sound of footsteps and asked vaguely, “Do you really not need it……” She was very persistent and seemed to want to carry out reciprocity to the end.

Shan Yao couldn’t help laughing, felt the lightness he had not experienced for a long time, and shook his head under her dim eyes.

He didn’t want to lose control, nor was he prepared to let her do such a thing.

With a close approach, the cold war is naturally not feasible, and the relationship between the two people has become intimate. He Wei repeatedly asks what happened when they were alone. Wen Ying closed her mouth and didn’t say a word to her.

They were holding a buffet tray in their hands. She had already filled the breakfast and walked quickly to her place. He Wei followed her and raised the volume unconsciously. “I won’t tell anyone! You see, I haven’t said anything before. What else are you hiding from me?”

Holding the plate with one hand, Wen Ying turned around and made a face at her, “I just won’t tell you.”

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