SAPPS Chapter 218

An hour later, half of the Imperial school team members fled. Wei San looked at the combat readiness bag left here and did not continue to chase.

[121 individual mecha soldiers, 34 commanders and 26 mecha engineers of the Imperial Academy are eliminated from the game.]

“Put away the tent and energy, see what else can be used on the ground. Don’t lose them.” Wei San told the engineers of the school team.

Live audience: “……”

[ Damocles school team is like a locust crossing, and there is nothing left anywhere!]

[The chief soldiers of the four military academies were defeated by the chief of Damocles, so it seems that the strongest chief is Wei San.]

[I feel that in the second game, there may be a main team meeting. I don’t know if there may be a fight.]

Because the Imperial Military Academy and South Percy Academy did not go straight to the end this time. One went to find the high-level star beast, and the other spent time on the chief of Damocles Military Academy. The distance between the main teams of the five military academies was not far, and it was very likely to meet.

According to previous experience, if their encounter occurred near the terminal, there will be a battle between military academies.

“The Imperial Academy’s chief is not her opponent.” Ying Xingjue looked up at the beam in the distance and whispered.

Situ Jia was puzzled by his inexplicable concern about a chief of Damocles Military Academy, and said, “Maybe the chief soldier of Damocles Military Academy has some skills this time. She was said to be a student of Chen Ci, and it is not impossible to win.”

Ying Xingjue never answered his words, but said faintly: “At this current speed, we will meet at the end of the road with Pingtong Academy tomorrow afternoon. If the other military academies move fast, they will arrive within one hour of our confrontation.”

“So we can decide the winner within one hour?” Ji Chuyu asked him.

Ying Xingjue pointed at a point on the map: “I will let the rest of the school team lead the star beasts to the other side, and we will hunt other star beasts.”

Ji Chuyu glanced at him and frowned subconsciously: “Four double-S high-order star beasts, do you want to give them to Pingtong Academy?”

Originally, these high-order star beasts were their target tomorrow, while there were only two high-order star beasts on the other side.

According to Ying Xingjue’s current statement, tomorrow they will not only lose two high-order star beasts, but also fight for a long time. It is possible that the five military academies will come together.

The five military academies gathered near the terminal, which is the most taboo situation in the competition.

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It is easy to have problems. It is possible for the alliance to turn against the tide and the opponents to unite with each other at that moment.

“Two double S star beasts can’t delay the time of Pingtong Academy.” Ji Chuyu wants them to occupy most of the star beasts.

There are some places on the map that show star beasts and higher star beasts, but more star beasts are not recorded on the map. Compared with other main commanders, Ying Xingjue’s perception covers almost half of the field, and he can clearly know how many star beasts there are.

This is something that other commanders cannot do temporarily.

There is one thing I need to verify again.” Ying Xingjue looked at his right hand. Now he was sure that there was a problem with the other side. He wanted to see with his own eyes whether the chief soldier of Damocles was as he thought.

Live broadcast.

“What does Ying Xingjue want to verify?” Yu Tianhe asked Ying Yuerong next to him.

The commander, Ying Yuerong, was not clear. She looked at the main member of Imperial in the camera and said, “It is not clear what he wants to verify, but it should be mostly related to the chief soldier of Damocles Military Academy.”

Ying Xingjue decided to ask the school team to eliminate Damocles’ school team previously, but Ying Yuerong was surprised. She didn’t know why he spent his time on this chief soldier.

“Teacher Xiang, is there anything special about the chief soldier in your school?” Yu Tianhe asked Xiang Minghua below with a smile.

“Is she not special enough now?” Xiang Minghua asked.

The audience who watched the live broadcast and listened to the commentary:…… she really is special enough. Among the five military academies, only one person has the thick face of a city wall and robs openly.

Yu Tianhe looked at the live camera again: “If he really agrees with the plan of Ying Xingjue, then several military academies will come together, and he is creating conflicts artificially.”

Ying Yuerong did not comment.


The school teams began to converge with the main team. Occasionally, a beam of light would rise in all directions. All the main members were killing the star beasts. The remaining half of the Imperial school team followed the command of the main commander and led several high-order star beasts in the direction of Pingtong Academy. In the middle of the way, someone’s mecha was seriously damaged, and the mecha cabin popped up, and they were eliminated automatically.

“Wei San!” Liao Runing saw the school team from a distance, and simply drove over with his mecha. “Did you eliminate the chief of the Imperial school team out of the game?”

“En.” Wei San answered. She has repeatedly fallen into a loose and irritable mood these days, and was not in high spirits.

Liao Runing retreived his mecha and said, “very strong!”

Wei San glanced at him and said, “Are we going to the end now?”

“Yes, Jin Ke said that we have to hurry now and can’t spend any more time on the star beasts.”

Everyone at Damocles Military Academy convene and headed for the end.

At the same time, Pingtong Academy and Imperial Military Academy were also killing the high-order star beasts on both sides of the front, and the other three military academies are starting to come towards the end according to the route of the map.

It’s just a double S star beast. The two military academies dealt with it very quickly. Zongzheng Yue from Pingtong Academy dealt with two high level star beasts, which were obviously only one level apart, and the same level star beasts are more powerful than people.

Zongzheng Yue drove a mecha and held a spear, and his killing speed was faster than the other two mecha soldiers.

The beam rose in two directions almost at the same time.

[ Imperial Military Academy kills two double-S beasts], [ Pingtong Academy kills four double-S beasts.]

“At this time, they are still moving their hands?” Liao Runing looked up and said.

“Let’s hurry.” Jin Ke looked back. “Everyone should be prepared to fight.”

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