SAPPS Chapter 219

The Imperial Academy chose two star beasts farther away from the end point, while Pingtong Academy encountered a larger number of four-headed star beasts led by the Imperial Academy, and the time for the two military academies to reach the end point was moved back.

In this way, if the two military academies encounter a confrontation, the time will also move back. In addition to the other military academies coming from behind, the five military academies will gather together.

The scene is bound to fall into chaos.

This is the result of Ying Xingjue’s decision.

After the Imperial’s main force has killed the star beasts, all the members entered the mecha, started flight mode, and flew directly to the destination.

Due to the particularity of the competition, the flight mode is set as the high energy consumption mode. The five military academies can operate flight mode, but depending on their energy stock, they usually can not support their flight from the starting point to the destination. Military academies can only use it at critical moments, and the front field is basically invisible because they do not have enough energy.

Only big energy families like the Imperial Military Academy dare to use it in the early stage.

Imperial Military Academy stopped near the end point and returned to combat mode, with all its members still in their mechas.

There is a high-level star beast near the destination. If they want to raise the flag, they must first remove the star beast.

Huo Jian was the first to walk to the end of the road. After walking 200 meters, the surface of the yellow sand suddenly bulged, and several white spider silk sprayed towards him.

He paused slightly and dodged the spider silk. The white spider silk that missed the target was sticky and had great impact. When it hit the desert, it created a very deep hole, and the yellow sand splash even hit the mecha of Huo Jian.

The surface of the yellow sand became more and more prominent, until a giant earthy yellow spider drilled out of the sand, with a red ring at the end of its pincers and poison glands inside.

——3S high order star beast, red foot spider.

Huo Jian pulls out his weapon. His mecha has only one sword, named Qisha.

Qisha make a move. Huo Jian fights, the opponent will never pass Qisha, no matter if he meets a man or a beast.

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The Huo family belongs to a special family in the federation, and has always trained mecha soldiers, and has never made friends with any military academy. The Huo family’s children choose a military academy on a voluntary basis, but none of them is inferior in strength.

Everyone in the Federation has only one fixed impression of the Huo family: silent and tough.

In the first kill, Huo Jian ran towards the red-footed spider with a speed as fast as a ghost. At this moment, if they magnified the foot of his mecha, they could find that the foot of Extinction was only close to the ground, but actually did not touch the yellow sand.

Extinction is a heavy mecha. It is said that the speed of movement is light and a heavy mecha is slow, but Huo Jian’s speed is not inferior at the moment.

“Extinction is very different from other heavy mechas.” Yu Tianhe, as a mecha engineer, knows about the mecha of these students. “Extinction removes the firepower equipment of the traditional heavy mecha, reduces the weight of the mecha, improves the speed, and strengthens the strength of the mecha arm at the same time.”

“The Huo family are all heavy mechas. With their swordsmanship, their combat effectiveness cannot be underestimated,” Xi Haotian added.

Yu Tianhe suddenly laughed: “Not all. You forgot that the main force of Damocles Military Academy has a Huo family who drives a light mecha and uses a bow and arrow.”

Xi Haotian was stunned and changed his words: “Basically, they are driving heavy mechas with swords.”

In this way, there are many different types in Damocles Military Academy.

Near the end of the match, Huo Jian steered his mecha to avoid the spider silk attack of the redfoot spider, and approached the venomous spider at the same time. He bent his knees slightly, and cut at its pincers with one hand.

Right in the middle below the red circle.


The red-footed venomous spider’s mouthpiece gave out a scream, and several pairs of feet reached the ground quickly, while the other claw limb stabbed Huo Jian.

Huo Jian closed his eyes slightly, and steered the mecha to jump up. The second kill was directed at the pincers stabbed by the redfoot spider.

‘da ‘.

The pincer limb of the redfoot spider was broken and fell on the yellow sand, making a slight sound.

The high-level star beast is cunning by nature. Even if its pincers breaks, it does not attack crazily. Instead, it opens its mouth and tries to bite off the head of Extinction.

Huo Jian didn’t dodge. He was bitten by the redfoot spider, its big mouthpiece smelled of death.

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