REGML Chapter 36 – The Orphanage of Horror XXXVI

Everyone searched around and found his body in the storage room. Eternal Powerhouse stuck close to the gap between a cabinet and the wall, turned his head 90 degrees to face the gap and opened his eyes in horror.

There is a large pool of blood on the ground.

Yun Duo returned to the sofa and rubbed her arm. “It seems that he was killed by the ghost shortly before we ended the game. It’s too tragic.”

“Now it is third night, and there are still six players left.” Yu Xing looked around the crowd and said, “As long as we are more careful about the following parts, it is easy to spend five days alive.”

“What about the caretaker?” Chen Si asked: “From the perspective of the plot, the caretaker killed two children, and the remaining three are probably unlucky. As Yun Duo said just now, the one who likes to play hide-and-seek left an inexplicable message before going offline. Does it mean that in addition to the ghosts of the three children, we will face the caretaker who we don’t know whether they are a person or a ghost tomorrow?”

Wen Qing stood up and said, “There should be no more dead tonight. Let’s have a rest first.”

Ruan Qiao looked at Su Xi. Her eyesight was very good. She could see his drooping eyelashes were long and slightly curly, his thin lips under the high and straight nose were slightly pursed, and his beautiful facial features did not show any emotion. She could not see the person’s mind.

But he suddenly wanted to go up and look at the player’s room. Did he find anything?

In order to prevent an accident while staying alone, Chen Si moved directly from 203 to 201, which happened to have an extra bed.

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Very soon, the rainy night passed.

Due to the tiredness of the night before, it was already after noon when the player got up. It was raining in the gloomy weather outside, and the whole house was more old and dilapidated than before.

It looks like a tomb that has been abandoned for countless years, and now there are several guests.

Ruan Qiao went downstairs with a yawn when she happened to meet Yun Duo coming back from the toilet.

“Sister Mian Mian, it’s too cold today.” She sneezed. “I just went out to the bathroom and almost froze.”

Ruan Qiao looked at her drowsily and said, “That’s right. I’m going to boil water and make a cup of hot tea. Would you like a cup?”

[Bullet screen] Tea-making Mian has come online

[Bullet screen] Drink a cup of tea to suppress shock

The two turned back and walked to the restaurant. The blood in the cabinet where the rabbit’s body was located had dried up and solidified. When Yun Duo passed by, she unconsciously looked at her, and then withdrew her sight in fear.

Ruan Qiao pushed open the kitchen door, went in and began to boil water, then took out the tea, waited for the water to boil, poured two cups of hot tea, and handed Yun Duo a cup.


The kitchen door swung shut, Yun Duo turned and looked up.

The cup in her hand immediately fell and broke into pieces on the floor. After a long time, she spoke in a trembling voice: “During the day, they have begun to kill people.”

Behind the door hung a dead body with a purple face.

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